Top Five Kitchen Colors Today

By Mitch Gleason

These days styles are much different than from what they used to be and this includes more than just clothing styles. Cars and other vehicles are styled much more differently than when they were first made, furniture is much more contemporary today, homes much more smaller and with less elaborate features these days, and colors are brighter and used considerably more commonly in homes than they were back in the day. Kitchens in particular have significantly changed when it comes to colors. It used to be that common kitchen colors were pale pastels such as yellow, green, or peach but these days individuals all over are gong bolder wit their kitchen colors. These days you can find beautiful kitchens in darker neutral tones, and bold primary colors that really make a room stand out. These days it is even common to see more than one such color in a kitchen. Much of this change is likely due to the high status kitchens generally have in the home. Many individuals meet at the end of the day in the kitchens of their homes and many more use their kitchens for their main room for entertainment as well which is why there has been such a large increase in an effort to make the kitchen more comfortable by making it more pleasing to the eye. There are five kitchen colors in particular that seem to be popular these days so if you are looking for a change one of these may be the right color for you.

White – White is a kitchen color that has always been popular and continues to stay high on the list of choices for kitchen colors today. Many contemporary style kitchens incorporate a lot of white in their designs. White kitchens go particularly well with stainless steel appliances and black cupboards but different combinations are common as white goes with anything.

Black – Black kitchens are also common these days especially in contemporary homes. As with white stainless steel is also an excellent compliment to black as well. Deep red toned cupboards go great with black walls but any color combination is possible and people tend to get very creative when it comes to their kitchens.


Deep Reds – Darker, deeper reds are an extremely popular choice for kitchens today and many daring home owners are going bold by including red in their designs. Red is said to increase the appetite which is one reason so many people choose red but it also gives off a very warm feeling as well.

Beige – Beige is another one of those colors that has always been popular for kitchens and always will be in all likelihood. This color gives a sense of nature inside the home and works great if you have a lot of windows in your kitchen. Beige leaves a lot of room for change as well.

Gray – The color gray is another common choice for kitchens too. Not so much your traditional gray but more of a bluish gray. Many people choose to pair this color with stainless steel accents but any color will do with this versatile color.

Times change and so do styles so don’t be left behind with an outdated kitchen. Choose one of these great contemporary colors and you will find out what it really means to enjoy your kitchen.

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