Preventive Dentistry Helps Make Your Teeth Last A Lifetime

That alone is enough to ensure that your teeth will outlive you, right? Wrong. You see, while the enamel is tough, it’s also subject to wear and tear. Preventive dentistry is the special branch of dentistry that seeks to prevent certain conditions that may hinder the enamel from having a longer lifespan.

When the enamel is damaged, the softer and more vulnerable part of the tooth is exposed. This is actually the beginning of the end for the enamel. Once this protective coating is broken, nothing can undo it. If not treated early, tooth decay and gum disease will set in, leading to tooth loss. You can’t simply eat the right kinds of foods or take medicine to restore the enamel back to health. You can, however, take necessary precautions to ensure that your enamel is in tip-top condition; thus, preventing breakage. This is the core of preventive dentistry.

Preventive dentistry looks into the factors that lead to enamel loss and tries to prevent them. The best indication of enamel loss or damage is tooth sensitivity. When you experience tingling pain when you consume hot or cold foods and drinks, that’s one sure sign that your enamel has been compromised.


The most dangerous enemy of the enamel is erosion. Understanding what leads to tooth erosion is the key to preventing enamel damage, and this is the main job of preventive dentistry. One cause enamel erosion is acidic drinks. Sometimes, nothing quenches thirst as effectively as cold soft drinks and citrus fruit juices. The problem is, the acid in these drinks eats away at the enamel, making it susceptible to erosion.

Another reason for enamel erosion is the improper use of teeth bleaching agents. Be extra wary of those whitening strips which contain hydrogen peroxide or carbamide peroxide in large doses. If you want to whiten your teeth, the best thing for you to do is to let your dentist do it. A dentist especially skilled at preventive dentistry will know how to remove the discolouration in your teeth without putting the sensitive enamel at risk.

Preventive dentistry ensures that your teeth are free from chips and fractures which may expose the delicate interior of the tooth to bacteria. Corrective measures like fillings and dental veneers may be implemented to prevent tooth decay.

Most importantly, preventive dentistry provides excellent oral care for patients. Regular dental checkups and treatments combined with good dental hygiene at home help guarantee healthy teeth and gums and prevent costly restorations in the future.

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4 Simple Bad Breath Treatment That Are Totally Easy To Do}

4 Simple Bad Breath Treatment That Are Totally Easy To Do


Izrul Fizal

Ever wondered how to get the best bad breath treatment than can totally cure your bad breath problem? If you are constantly looking for ways that can aid you to solve this problem, you have come to the right place. I have listed 4 ways of bad breath treatment that can surely get good result.

1) Brush your teeth every day

You might say that you already done this but how frequent do you brush your teeth? If you only brush your teeth early in the morning, then you really need more guidance. Bad breath is usually because of germs and bacteria that contain inside your mouth. The bacteria will start to come back again after few hours and that is why brushing once daily is not enough.

You need to brush your teeth at least twice per day. Or better yet, brush your teeth after taking a heavy meal. This can ensure your breath will stay fresh all the time.


I would like to give you a tip. Choose the right toothbrush and toothpaste to get the optimum result. Sound simple to do, right?

2) Drink 8 glasses of water every single day

Water is an essential part of your body. Without it, you will feel dehydrate and weak. Not having enough water will make your mouth feels dry. A dry mouth usually have a bad breath. Why? When you do not drink enough water, there is not enough moisture inside your mouth to remove the bacteria that is stuck on your teeth and tongue.

Everyone can do this bad breath treatment. If you lazy to drink water, then nobody can help you to cure your bad breath.

3) Eat food with less protein

Protein is important part in growth of your body tissues. However, taking it too much can cause bad breath. Food like steak and chicken have high amount of protein. Try to control your food intake in order to prevent your mouth from having a bad smell.

It is best if you eat more vegetables and fruits since these kind of food have lots of minerals and vitamins inside it. Not to mention, it also contains additional water which is good for your health.

4) Consult your dentist

I still consider this as one of best bad breath treatment. Who else is better giving you advice on bad breath problem rather than your dentist. Usually, dentist can straight away know your problem and will advice you on the correct way to solve your bad breath problem.

Sometimes, dentist can also provide you with more information on which bad breath products that is guarantee to work. The best part is a dentist will not charge you that much for one consultation and some might offer a free consultation.

Bad breath treatment is relatively simple once the underlying cause has been determined. Having a fresh breath will boost up your confidence level to talk to other people without having a fear people will turn away from you.

If you are looking for one top secret to

bad breath treatment

, then look no further.

Finally, there is a breakthrough in solving your bad breath problem quickly and permanently.

Check out

for more information and details.

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4 Simple Bad Breath Treatment That Are Totally Easy To Do }

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All On Four Dental Implants Versus Traditional Implant Techniques

All on Four Dental Implants versus Traditional Implant Techniques


Jack De Richards

In 1993, European implantologist Dr. Paulo Malo was responsible for the innovation of a dental implant protocol that was to surpass traditional implant techniques in the benefits and advantages it afforded both patients and oral surgeons. All on Four dental implants, as they are aptly referred to, not only enable edentulous (not having a single original adult tooth left) and near-edentulous patients to receive a complete set of new and non-removable teeth in as little as a single day, but they do so with minimal recovery time and at a much reduced cost to traditional implant techniques.

A Closer Look at All on Four Dental Implants

During the procedure for the placement of All on Four dental implants, oral surgeons insert two tiny titanium screws into the front portion of the jaw and another two at an angle in the back portion of the jaw, avoiding vital structures like the sinus cavities in the upper jaw and the nerve canal in the lower jaw. Together these four implants provide all the support necessary for a prosthetic dental bridge that has been custom fabricated to fit inside the patient s mouth comfortably. With All on Four dental implants almost never requiring bone grafting surgery beforehand, the entire procedure can readily be completed in a single day, effectively providing patients with a comprehensive one-time solution.

All on Four Dental Implants and Traditional Implant Techniques


So, how do All on Four dental implants compare with traditional dental implant techniques? Well, when it comes to the need for oral rehabilitation (in other words, the treatment of patients that require a new set of teeth) there is no comparison really! And here s why:

All on Four Dental Implants almost always enable oral surgeons to bypass bone grafting surgery, which not only takes several months for healing before implants can be placed, but is an expensive and painful procedure too.

Traditional dental implant techniques frequently call for as many as 20 implants for complete oral rehabilitation. If you consider that each implant and crown costs in the region of $3,500 to $4,000, getting a new set of teeth can work out to be extremely expensive! All on Four dental implants, as the name suggests, only requires four implants per jaw and eight in total for a complete set of new, non-removable and immediately functional teeth.

All on Four dental implants only requires a single surgery for placement. Traditional implant protocol can require several surgeries in addition to bone grafting, which creates a very long road to oral rehabilitation.

Without the need for so many dental implants, multiple surgeries, bone grafting, consultations and recovery periods, not to mention the equivalent time off from work, All on Four dental implants work out to be far more economical than bone grafting (i.e. sinus lifts ) and traditional placement techniques! In fact, patients can often save as much as $15,000-$20,000 or more on complete oral rehabilitation with this innovative tooth replacement protocol!

All on Four dental implants incur a shorter recovery period, with patients often returning to work the very day after the procedure! With traditional placement protocol being more invasive and with more implants necessary, patients frequently spend more time in recovery, coping with greater post-operative pain and discomfort.

For all these reasons and more, All on Four dental implants have proven themselves to be a far superior choice for patients requiring a second chance at having a beautiful and healthy smile!

Jack De Richards the author of this article is a working at a renowned

dental implants

center specializing in

All on four dental implants

. His clinic offers All on four New Jersey by renowned Oral Surgeons.

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Dr Walter Kostrzewski Fellowship Academy Of Comprehensive Esthetics

Submitted by: Eileen Greete

Dr. Walter Kostrzewski has earned his Fellowship within the Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE) for his expertise in comprehensive esthetic restorative dentistry. ACE created this credentialing process to evaluate dental professionals who are committed to advanced training, attention to detail, and clinical excellence.

The Fellowship exam has created a new standard for fairness and excellence explains Walter Kostrzewski, DMD of Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford, CT. The process promotes the pursuit of excellence for dental professionals and rewards practitioners who have achieved a superior level of knowledge, expertise, and clinical acuity. Patients and dentists will be able to utilize the expertise and training of ACE Fellows with the knowledge that they will receive exceptional dental care and state-of-the-art dentistry.

Walter Kostrzewski, DMD ACE Fellowship Eligibility


Dr. Walter Kostrzewski and other ACE Fellows must take a written exam prior to being eligible for the prestigious ACE Fellowship. They must also have been a licensed dentist for at least four years prior to applying for the exam as well as be in good standing with ACE. Kostrzewski also had to have at least 300 hours of continuing dental education before the exam.

After completing the Written Exam, Kostrzewski was also required to complete a twenty-minute oral presentation to the Fellowship Committee. This presentation involved Walter Kostrzewski to describe in detail clinical cases from pre-treatment to post-treatment as well as describe the thought processes and techniques involved in the cases.

The Teache

Dr. K is a clinical instructor at the prestigious Hornbrook Group in Chicago, where he trains other dentists in cosmetic dentistry and full mouth rehabilitation. In addition to his affiliation with the Hornbrook Group, Dr. K speaks nationally in front of his peers, has published numerous articles featured in dental journals such as Dental Town, The Crown Council and the Dental Leader. Dr. K is on the advisory board of the continuing education organization “Generation Next,” and a founding member of Fellowship of Advanced Comprehensive Esthetics (F.A.C.E.). To top it all off Dr. K also consults and teaches major dental manufacturers, as well as dental laboratories who all value his extensive knowledge of the dental industry.

The Coach

Also known as “Coach K”, he has a flair for creating passionate teams! In 2000, “Coach K” founded “The Winning Dentist,” a team of consultants to help others develop passionate teams, functional work systems, and provide motivation and congruent marketing. In addition to his numerous published articles, Coach K recently authored a resource manual “Creating Passionate Aesthetic Dental Teams.” This publication is designed to aid dentists, office managers and their counterparts how to create their own winning team.

Dr. Walter Kostrzewski graduated from Tufts University School of Dental Medicine in 1992 and went on to continue his studies at University Hospital at Stony Brook, which placed an emphasis on treating the medically compromised patient. In 1996 he founded Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford, CT. Dr. Kostrzewski, or “Dr. K,” as his patients and colleagues know him, continued to quench his thirst for dental education and has satisfied hundreds of hours of continuing education. In 2000 and 2001, Dr. K completed the entire continuum at PAC-Live, the nation’s premiere, hands-on live patient continuing education program. He is a Fellow of the International Academy for Dental Facial Esthetics (IADFE), a select of group of individuals who are committed to the pursuit of excellence through continuing interdisciplinary education in the field of facial esthetics. Dr. K also achieved fellowship in the Academy Of Comprehensive Esthetics (ACE), a highly regarded credentialing process designed to evaluate dental professionals who are committed to advanced learning, attention to detail, and clinical excellence.

About the Author: Walter Kostrzewski, DMD Smile Designer founded Comfortable Care Dentistry in Milford, Connecticut in 1996. For more information about “Dr. K”, please visit his website



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Wart Removal Remedies 7 Ways To Remove Warts At Home

By Jim Evans

There have been wart removal remedies going around for centuries. Many of them seem to work pretty well, while others are not effective at all. This article looks at seven well known ways to get rid of warts at home.

To begin with, let’s ask: What precisely is a wart?

Warts are simply infections of the skin caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV. You cannot avoid it, as it is active throughout our environment, and is passed from person to person.

The ways you can catch it include skin to skin contact, and through shared clothing, shoes, slipper, towels or other fabric.

Warts are harmless, though they can be pretty unpleasant to look at. Depending on their location and your own skin’s characteristics, they appear from flat to bumpy, from smooth to rough in texture, and may be white or slightly colored.


You can also develop warts through sexual intercourse with infected people. Genital warts pose particular problems for treatment which I will not go into here.

However, I would sound a note of warning: Genital warts may be confused with sexually transmitted diseases which are really quite serious. for that reason, if you have any bumps, sores or lesions in the genital area, I would urge you in the strongest terms to seek early medical treatment.

Now, the home remedies I will talk about all involve ordinary foodstuffs or supplements you can safely consume at home. The last will mean a trip to the drugstore, but do not worry, that one is quite safe as well.

Vitamin C: Take a vitamin C tablet, which is easily gotten at your local supermarket, grind it and mix with a little water to make a paste. Apply to the wart, and bandage. Leave overnight, then observe the results. If it looks like your wart is starting to dry out and die, repeat. If the skin looks very irritated, consider stopping. Vitamin C is quite irritating to the skin, and you may not want to continue treatment.

Vitamin A: Break a vitamin A capsule and apply the liquid directly to the wart. Bandage overnight, then observe the results the following day. Repeat for few days; if you are not satisfied, leave off and try something else.

Castor oil: Wash and dry the affected skin, and apply pure castor oil. Bandage and leave overnight. Repeat for up to tow weeks. If you do not see a result, try mixing the oil with baking soda. Many have found this to be a more powerful way of using castor oil.

Banana peel: Bananas are high in potassium, which in turn has a toxic effect on warts. This won;t do you any harm, though! Simply wash and dry the affected skin, and rub with small piece of banana skin, using the moist inside rather than the outside. Keep this up for a few minutes once a day for a couple of weeks, and observe the results.

Duct tape: This simple method, also known by the fancy name of “occlusion therapy”, is a means of starving your wart of air. Wash and dry the wart, then apply a small piece of duct tape. Leave overnight, remove the following day, and repeat the procedure. keep the area very clean, and rub off any dead skin which may begin appearing. This may take a couple of weeks, but many people find this effective.

Garlic: Like vitamin C, garlic is quite irritating to the skin, so take a bit it of care with this. Crush one garlic clove, and apply the pulp to the wart. Bandage and leave overnight. if you see a raised blister the following day, don’t worry. If it proves uncomfortable, decide whether you want to put up with this. Garlic will do you no harm, but you may decide to opt for a more comfortable (and less pungent!) remedy.

Salicylic acid: Last but not least, salicylic acid has been around for quite a long time. it literally burns off the wart, and is sold in drugstores in solution with water. Stronger solutions may be had on prescription; what you buy over the counter is quite safe. Simply clean and dry the wart, and apply the acid. it may sting a little, and needs to be applied consistently over two to three weeks.

At the end of the day, if none of these do the job for you, consider going to your doctor. While warts are not harmful, because they are unsightly and highly contagious, you owe yourself and others the favor of getting them seen to. (Genital warts, of course, should be treated right away. Your doctor will be able to offer you a very wide range of very effective wart removal remedies.

About the Author: Jim Evans is a mole and wart removal expert. For more great tips on

wart removal remedies

, visit


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Natural Viagra Substitutes

By Oge Nwaozuzu

Are you embarrassed to talk to your doctor about erectile dysfunction? If so, then you may want to purchase a natural Viagra substitute instead. Natural Viagra medicine is available over the counter at your local pharmacy or superstore. There is no need to obtain a prescription from your doctor. If you are shy about the whole issue in general, then you can also purchase natural Viagra substitutes on-line. You can research which medicine is right for you, order the medicine, and then have it shipped to your home. Many companies that sell natural Viagra, will ship the medicine in a confidential package. Make sure that you look at the side-effects and look at any contraindications in case you are currently on any other medications. Besides the privacy aspect of natural Viagra, there are also benefits to your body. Natural Viagra contains important vitamins and supplements that do not harm our body. Using a Viagra substitute is a much safer way to treat your erectile dysfunction problem.

Even though natural Viagra contains herbal supplements, there is still a common substance called Nitric Oxide in all erectile dysfunction formulas. The Nitric Oxide acts as a barrier so that the relaxation enzyme can work. It also sparks the relaxation enzyme to start working. Viagra does not relax the penis. It simply helps the natural parts of the penis to do their job. The common misconception is that Viagra, whether it be prescription or natural, is an arousal medication. Viagra does not help a man become aroused. In order for Viagra to work, the man has to be aroused first. The medicine simply helps the man keep his erection longer and helps him perform in a positive way. All types of erectile dysfunction medicine have taken on the general name of Viagra. However, there are 3 main types of Viagra prescribed that have a generic name. Natural Viagra medications also have other names.


One of the most popular forms of natural Viagra on the market today is ProVIGRA2go. As with other natural forms of Viagra, ProVIGRA2go also has Nitric Oxide in the product. However, the company uses the substance in a much safer way. Instead of using a large amount of Nitric Oxide, the company has placed natural ingredients that are beneficial to one’s well being. They take pride in the fact that the pill helps erectile dysfunction, while also keeping the user safe and healthy. Included in ProVIGRA2go are the following supplements: Niacin, Vitamin B6, L-Arginine, L-Phenylalanine, Epimedium, and Maca. As with other Viagra medicines, ProVIGRA2go starts working in less than half an hour. Those who take the medicine are advised to take 2 tablets each time. The tablets are very small and can be chewed or dissolved in the mouth. This is the reason that the medicine takes effect so quickly. After taking the pills, your erection should last for at least 4 hours. The company advises all users of sildenafil citrate to take the pills two hours before sexual intercourse takes place.

About the Author: Oge Nwaozuzu is a writer about mens sexual health at

need to buy viagra online



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Weight Loss Problems Stays Lost Forever And Ever

By Derrick Rose

I would like to thank you for visiting and reading this article on weight loss. This topic has been carefully researched and documented for your benefit.

The major headache that most people face after losing weight is fear of it coming back so make a plan, either you keep and maintain a strict routine, or take the necessary steps to ensure that the weight you have work so hard to lose stay lost forever.

I am sure You have heard repeated stories of people who have lost between 30-40 pounds only to put on twice that amount after they break their routine.

Does it really matter how you lose weight ?

People generally figure that it doesn’t really matter how they lose weight, as long as it is lost, and this is their biggest mistake.. It is most important before embarking on any weight loss program to establish wether your weight gain is due to health issues or simply diet and lifestyle.

Of course it goes without saying that an unbalanced diet and lack of exercise is a contributory factor to ill health.


Weight loss products

There are many weight loss products available, some good and some just plain nasty, remember this .. just because a friend had great results from a weight loss product doesn’t mean it will work for you.

Do your research be satisfied that you have made the right choice, in fact our review sites are a great wealth of additional information including product ratings.

Intentional weight loss refers to the loss of total body mass in an effort to improve health, fitness and appearance

What this means is that using a combination of exercise and dieting will provide the desired result. Starvation diets or drugs in particular will definitely give you a high risk of regaining whatever weight you lost, so stay away from them.

Kick start your sluggish metabolism rate

If you’ve lost weight primarily through dieting alone, then bad news: You could very well regain that weight as soon as you stop dieting.

Basically all you’ve really done is cut down your calorie intake so that you’re not consuming more calories than you burn, you have not changed anything, so any break from your diet, that weight gain is coming right back at you.

On a positive note, if you have been exercising and in particular building up and toning your muscles, then you should have raised your metabolism rate, and this is going to help you to keep your weight down indefinitely.

Maintaining a higher metabolism rate, you can take brief breaks from the diet that you’re on and still maintain a decent weight, provided you continue to maintain your metabolism rate.

Finding that balance .. Very important!

Note.. the final steps of keeping your weight loss in check is finding that balance.

Finally! its your day, you have reached your desired weight, but what is your plan for maintaining your current weight, you’ll seek and find the right balance between calorie intake and exercise that allows you to enjoy your new and invigorating lifestyle.

Needless to say, it won’t be as demanding as your weight loss regime, this will allow you more time for relaxation, and will help to ensure that you don’t go back to the size and shape that you once were.

Following these action steps, you should be rest assured that you’re not going to face the same weight problems that you did in the past. Enjoy the new you..

Thanks for reading this article, I hope you have found the information useful and of great use.. Keep reading it will take you to our exclusive weight loss product reviews and ratings.

About the Author: Derrick Rose… Here, The purpose of this article is primarily to keep you informed of the choices of weight loss products available, and the various steps you can take for reducing and controlling weight loss. Making an informed decision will ease the stress of trying to figure out which product or products out of the many available and which is right for you. Go now

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How Root Canals In Alexandria Va Help To Save Infected Teeth

byAlma Abell

When a tooth becomes infected, severe pain may quickly follow. Infections cause a tooth to become very sensitive. You may experience throbbing pain whenever cold water touches it. If you are also bothered by hot liquids, the infection has most likely reached the nerve. Another sign of a tooth infection is a painful abscess. These are puss-filled pockets that can form on root of the tooth or on the gum tissue. Either way, you need to seek out dental treatment as soon as possible. Root Canals in Alexandria VA are commonly used to treat teeth that have become infected due to bacteria and decay.


Decay is the number one reason for dental fillings. When the decay is minor only a simple filling is needed. However, if the decay has reached the pulp chamber of the tooth, a root canal is in order. Once the nerve of the tooth has become infected, only a root canal can save the tooth from extraction. If you have been referred to a root canal specialist, it is because your dentist believes the nerve of your tooth is at risk. Don’t worry, however. Root Canals in Alexandria VA are a painless way to finally put an end to a severe toothache.

During a root canal, the dentist will use a drill to open the tooth. This is similar to treating a cavity, except the dentist will drill deeper. Once the dentist has opened up the pulp chamber, they will remove all of the infected tissue. The dying nerve will also be removed. Your dentist will then flush out the tooth, making sure any bacteria has been killed. Once the tooth is completely sterilized, the tooth will be sealed back up. A rubber compound will be used to fill up the now empty pulp chamber, and a strong filling material will be use to close the tooth. Your dentist will most likely suggest getting a porcelain crown to cover the tooth. Root canals make teeth weaker, and covering the tooth with a crown will prevent it from cracking in the future.

If you are suffering from a painful toothache, be sure to visit your dentist to find out if you need a root canal. You can click here to learn more about what to expect both during and after the procedure. Root canals are necessary if you want to save a tooth that has a deep infection.

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