To Improve: A Journey Of Self Betterment

Human beings are constantly evolving, constantly improving, and constantly seeking avenues for growth. By our inherent nature, we yearn for improvement; in our thoughts, our behavior, our career, or our relationships. One sphere where there is often a substantial room for enhancement is that of presentation skills. In both professional and personal situations, we are required to present our thoughts, ideas, proposals, or opinions. However, it can often be challenging to articulate our viewpoints effectively and convincingly. So, let’s look at how we can improve presentation skills.

To improve presentation skills, the first step is to understand your audience. Without clear insight into your audience’s perspectives, interests, and expectations, even an exceptionally crafted presentation can fall flat. Spend time researching your audience and fine-tune your presentation to reflect their needs. The aim is to engage, and that can only occur when the presenter connects with the audience.

Next is to master your content. A key attribute of successful presenters is their prowess over the subject matter. When you know your material inside out, it shines through, giving you an aura of credibility and competence.

Another aspect to prioritize in order to improve presentation skills is non-verbal communication. Focus on maintaining eye contact, adopting an open posture, and utilizing effective hand gestures. These visual cues can dramatically augment the impact of your presentation.

Practice is another vital tool. This might sound cliché, but practice indeed makes perfect. Rehearse your presentation multiple times. Record it if possible and watch it for feedback. This will help you amend any areas of weakness and also build your confidence.

Lastly, analyze other successful presenters. Study their presentation techniques, notice their pacing, their engagement strategies, and their use of pauses. Try incorporating these into your own presentations. Don’t just imitate; adapt and personalize the techniques that resonate with you.

To conclude, the emphasis on improving oneself should not just be limited to knowledge and skills. It is an encompassing need to strive for growth in every facet of life. And that includes our capacity to express ourselves through presentations. By dedicating time and exerting conscious effort to improve presentation skills, we are better positioned to convey our thoughts, ideas, and proposals, ultimately contributing to our holistic development.

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After Effects Templates Professional Appearance Without The Cost

After Effects Templates – Professional Appearance Without the Cost


Janine Macdonald

After effects templates provide individuals with motion graphic designs that are professional in appearance and have become a central feature in the field of graphic design and motion picture. These After Effects templates work with both text and images, allowing them to move and alter their shape and form. At times text and images can also alter in other ways such as colour and composition. The templates allow the motion graphic template creator the freedom and ability to design something that is specialised to their client to best meet their particular needs and requirements.


After effects templates appear complicated because of the various skills that are required to be combined in order to result in motion graphic applications. Motion graphic designers must work with both text, and images to decipher the best way in which to present each aspect in a composition that fits and ultimately looks professional. After effects templates that are already created and ready to use, have had a considerable amount of time and effort put into them.

Motion graphics are becoming increasingly more sought after and revered as technology increases and causes more individuals to demand a higher standard of design to have a professional outcome. Developing motion graphics in After Effects provides end users with a visually effective presentation that is also professional in appearance. AE templates allow individuals to benefit with all of these enhancements while not being required to have the initial costs associated with such graphics.

AE templates create visual graphics that are in line with industry standard graphics. It is vital businesses, organisations and individuals market themselves in a way that is professional in appearance to showcase their ability and the high standard that they attain at all times. Simple things such as using templates created in After Effects aid in this. The skills needed to create motion graphics require a great deal of time, concentration and skill. The value of those who have acquired these skills is evident in the hourly rate motion graphics designers are able to make. Fortunately due to the highly desirable nature of motion graphics, after effect templates are available for a fraction of the cost to bring the highest quality production to any individual, business or organisation that chooses to purchase a template. Basically, a business can create impact, build a loyal following and stand out from the crowd with the use of an AE template. Template Digital

is a community driven motion graphics marketplace which allows buying and selling of fully customizable, royalty-free stock motion graphics.

To find out about creating motion graphics with after effects templates

, check out our model here. You can buy as complete idents packages, video templates or as individual motion graphics files including AE templates.

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After Effects Templates – Professional Appearance Without the Cost

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4 Tips For Eliminating The Ums And Uhs In Public Speaking, You Know?

4 Tips for Eliminating the Ums and Uhs in Public Speaking, You Know?


The Voice Lady

One of the most annoying traits among some public speakers, be they professional or novice, is verbal disfluency. According to Wikipedia, verbal disfluencies are, ‘any of various breaks, irregularities, or utterances that are often not consistent with any specific grammatical construction and occur within the flow of otherwise fluent speech.” What is important to note is the fact that disfluencies interrupt smooth speech.

Including, ums, ahs, uhs, and the overused expressions, you know and like, verbal disfluencies are something you should concentrate on eliminating if you are aware that you use them. They hinder the concentration of your audience who often stops listening to your words and instead starts counting your ahs. One of the reasons we use ums or ahs is as a filler sound because we do not allow ourselves to pause by means of silence. The pause is very effective as long as it is not overused. You can eliminate your verbal disfluencies by means of the following tips. 1. Record yourself when you are practicing your speech or presentation. [More than likely, your ums and ahs will not happen in a prepared speech because you are reading from a script; however, it will be more apparent in a presentation in which you are speaking around notes or slides.] 2. Study the recording and listen to yourself. Concentrate on when and how often you say these utterances. This is very important as you need to begin to recognize when it is happening. 3. Record yourself again and concentrate on listening to yourself as you speak. Instead of saying the um or ah when you feel it trying to slip out of your mouth, pause, take a quick breath, and then continue speaking. 4. In general, pay more attention to yourself when you are talking, be it in conversation or over the phone, noting if it is happening in more casual settings as well. Your reason for public speaking is to impart a message. If that message is replete with um, ah, like, and you know, then your audience will concentrate less on your message and more on your interrupters. Projecting a confident image and sounding professional involves eliminating bad habits and establishing good ones. You are judged not only by what you say but by how you say it; therefore, it is your responsibility to do the best job you can. And that is not possible, if your delivery is marred by oft-repeated sounds or words, you know?

The Voice Lady


Nancy Daniels

offers private, corporate and group workshops in voice and presentation skills as well as

Voicing It!

, the only video training program on voice improvement. To see how voice training can improve your life, both professionally and personally, visit

Voice Dynamic

or watch a brief video as The Voice Lady describes

Dynamic Public Speaking


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4 Tips for Eliminating the Ums and Uhs in Public Speaking, You Know?

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Eric Allen, The Truth About Taking Mlm Mainstream And To Record Status}

Submitted by: Eric H Allen

Eric Allen is not your typical or traditional MLM top earner, and he is quite proud of this distinction. He has always been one to create his own path in life, centered around his passions and interests. Whether it is working with at-risk youth, coaching the game of basketball, or spending quality time with his family, he had never been one to chase the Almighty Dollar. Although Eric originally pursued a traditional college education in business, and graduated from a top-ranked business school in the U.S., he realized that his life would be more aligned with his values and greater purpose by becoming an inner city high school teacher and basketball coach. After seven years in the teaching profession, Eric received the opportunity to pursue another lifetime goal in getting the opportunity to coach Division One Basketball full time – even though it was a significant pay cut from an already very meager high school teaching and coaching salary. Although he is very proud of the accomplishments he achieved in during this journey in his life, including winning numerous state and national teaching honors, authoring a best-selling book, achieving various coaching recognitions, and, most importantly, making true impacts on the lives of his students and players, he also came to the disturbing realization that his current journey in life as a teacher and basketball coach, although intrinsically fulfilling and rewarding, was never going to allow him to realize the lifestyle or philanthropic goals he had for his family and greater future.

As Eric reflected and prepared himself for a major life shift – even though he was seemingly unaware of what that might entail – the world of network marketing presented itself. Eric, like many, had to break down his false predispositions toward multi level marketing, but decided that this profession offered the most legitimate means to begin to develop a “Plan B” that would ultimately get him to where he wanted to be financially – and he embarked on this pursuit while enduring a very hectic and grueling college basketball coaching workload. These often included 90+ hour work weeks, on campus, in practice, scouting, road trips, tutoring, and a host of other duties and responsibilities.


Eric Allen credits Brian Tracy and other top experts – who he actually chose to go into business with in his primary and only business opportunity – as the reason for his internal foundation for success, and meteoric rise to prosperity in network marketing. Believe it or not, Eric makes more on one month now than he used to make in over TWO YEARS on a teaching salary, and THREE YEARS on a coaching salary! More importantly, he is able to spend quality time with his family and be in a more powerful position to implement concrete changes and programs to benefit the lives of at-risk and disadvantaged youth.

Today, Eric Allen is leading the charge in cultivating a more mainstream and well-respected outlook on the network marketing industry. It is Eric’s conviction that as more and more genuine, success-oriented individuals from all walks of life experience the freedoms uniquely available in network marketing, the industry as a whole will serve to benefit and empower the lives of exponentially more like-minded individuals globally.

Eric’s current overarching mission is to rapidly and ethically legitimize and enhance the image of the industry by embodying and promoting a culture of professionalism, integrity, and true entrepreneuralism. Eric and his wife Casey now live an amazingly abundant lifestyle and are able to give back philanthropically to several causes they are passionate about – all because of their refreshingly straight-up, laid back, and “non-cheesy” approach to network marketing success. Eric is confident in his ability to transform and empower the life of any genuine, ambitious, and coachable person through the wonderful platform of network marketing!

About the Author: Eric Allen is continuing to inspire and galvanize thousands and thousands of like-minded, genuine professionals, both new to the industry and experienced veterans, because of his refreshing approach to prosperity in MLM. His rapid results speak for themselves, and prove that you do not have to be a “cheeseball” to experience all of the intrinsic and extrinsic rewards in the network marketing profession. To find out more about Eric Allen and to decide if you are in agreement with his philosophies, please visit his personal website at


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Benefits Of Dog And Cat Pet Massage

byAlma Abell

Your pet is your close companion. He or she is your friend and a member of your family. Some days, the best reward for your pet is to treat him or her to a massage. In Middleburgh a veterinarian should understands the need to pamper your pet. This is particularly true if the animal is a working one.

What Is a Pet Massage?At its most basic, a pet massage is upgraded petting. When you notch it up, it becomes a diagnostic tool for discovering health issues; it also becomes a therapeutic method to address pain issues in your pet. While a Middleburg veterinarian may not be part of an alternative veterinarian clinic, he or she does recognize the effects of certain holistic and complementary practices.

Canine and Feline MassagePet massage is one way to help you bind with a new animal and increase your bond with your current pet. It also allows you to spend quality and even fun time with your favorite four-legged friend. You can give him or her the best massages possible if you master a few basic techniques.

Several books and videos exist to help guide you through the practice. In general, the texts provide clear instructions accompanied by pictures to help guide you through the process. They remind you to always speak softly, never raising your voice. This helps to soothe and calm the pet during the process. They will show you how to apply slight pressure (acupressure) to certain areas. This will help to relieve tension and any strain or stress to the muscles. Moving your hands over a dog or cat in this fashion will help you find any lumps or unusual growths.

Hire a ProfessionalIf you are not sure or confident and do not put faith in correctly interpreting the images and direction in books or videos, a Middleburg veterinarian would recommend you take your pet to a professional. A professional pet masseuse is aware of all the techniques. They can relax your pet effortlessly and help your pet enjoy the entire procedure from start to finish.

Seeing, as recommended by a Middleburg veterinarian, a professional will ensure your pet receives a correct massage. It also gives you a chance to observe the technique and learn from it. Pet massage borrows from the best of human massage. It adapts the techniques used in Swedish Massage including:


In the end, you will get back one happy, relaxed cat or dog.

Talk to a Middleburg Veterinarian

Research indicates the power of massage. It can act as an early warning system of various health issues such as cancerous tumors and lumps. It can aid in recovery from surgery through its ability to increase the blood and lymph flow. If you massage your animal, your Middleburg veterinarian will applaud you. If nothing else, it makes his or her job so much easier. Massaging is, after all, one means of increasing your cat or dog’s acceptance of being handled.

If you are looking for a vet who is there for you when you need him or her, contact a Middleburg Veterinarian at the Argyle Animal Clinic. Their professional staff has been helping pet owners with the care of their pets for more than 25 years. From cats and dogs to the exotic, we can provide the best in veterinarian care. To learn more about our unmatched bedside manner and approach, visit us online at

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Seven Steps To Not Becoming A Millionaire}

Submitted by: Kenrick Cleveland

1. Wait for approval from society, from your family, from your friends, from your colleagues.

2. Be an innovator. (Innovation is a slow process which doesn’t necessarily pan out. Instead of inventing something new, improve on what already exists. Copy. See what works and jump on the bandwagon. Do it better, more powerfully, maybe with a twist. The Wright Brothers didn’t have the original idea of creating an airplane, but they kept working on it and didn’t give up until it was perfected.)

The Wright Brothers didn’t come up with the original idea of flight, but they had an unwillingness to give up on their dream of flying. They were persistent and when we have persistence and inspiration, that’s when luck happens.

They key is to start the process, to implement something, because it is far easier to go from one success to another than it is to go from failure to success. You’ve all heard of the law of physics that says a body in motion tends to stay in motion. This theory holds true in terms of wealth accumulation as well. It’s easier to change direction slightly while you’re moving in the right direction than it is to start from a standstill and get up and running.


3. Work on salary. (No one on the list of Forbes 500 makes a salary, so if you want to avoid being super wealthy, keep accepting one. Instead, if you are looking to go off the charts, think ownership. Being on salary might be ‘comfortable’ but not outlandishly wealthy. Maybe you’re thinking, ‘If i could just earn a bit more salary. . . ‘ Why not instead ask yourself, ‘How can I start a billion dollar business while still keeping my salary?’ Remember, however, that salary alone will not do it.

4. Manage your portfolio adroitly. (This one’s going to annoy my adviser clients. But look at it this way, historically, if you really look at it, portfolio management doesn’t create massive wealth. Even Warren Buffet doesn’t make his money passively investing. Managing your portfolio and waiting for the rest of the world to discovered the stock you bought is not the way to make enormous wealth.)

5. Think up ideas versus capitalizing on tried and true ones. Thinking that you’re going to create your wealth from an original idea has historically shown not to work very well. A lot of us think, ‘We’ve just got to come up with that really good idea.’ There are more really great ideas that have not created billionaires than you can imagine.

6. Allow your desire for wealth to prevent you from taking appropriate action. You most certainly have to put yourself in the path of affluence.

So now that I’ve shown you what not to do, stay tuned for more articles on how to install an affluent mindset and check out Or you can get further on the path to not becoming a billionaire by trying step seven.

7. Do exactly what you’ve been doing.

About the Author: Kenrick Cleveland teaches techniques to earn the business of affluent clients using


. He runs public and private seminars and offers home study courses and coaching programs in

persuasion techniques



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The Clear Conscience Of Thoughts Of Achievers!

The clear conscience of thoughts of achievers!


Gray Richie

Mesmer has said, The more clear you are on what you want, the more power you will have to achieve it ! Perfect epitomes for the above quote are Susan Auler, Mark Augment and Al Auletta.

Susan Auler is Fall Creek Vineyards Co-Founder/Dir Communications. The folks at Fall Creek Vineyards have branched out in a new direction. The Texas vineyard has upgraded people’s image of the Lone Star State. Long known for its oil and cattle, Texas now has a growing reputation for growing grapes. The red and white wines that come from the 65 acres at Fall Creek Vineyard have won acclaim in state, national, and international competitions. Texas businessman and rancher Ed Auler and his wife Susan Auler started Fall Creek Vineyards in 1975. The first wines were bottled in 1979. Today, the vineyard offers several varieties including cabernet sauvignon, chardonnay, and merlot. Susan Auler and the team strongly believe, Success does not make a company great, what really matters are its contribution towards making life better for everybody .


Mark Aument is HighJump Software Vice President, Operations. Forward-thinking companies entrust HighJump Software to power their supply chains. HighJump Software simplifies the art and business of creating, selling and moving products across global networks. Mark Augment and team believe that, Never falling is not an achievement real achievement is rising again after a fall . Mark Augment is a name embedded with qualities like a good organizer, understands all business machines and accountings and is always willing to work hard. Mark Augment strongly believes, Love your competitor, it will drive him crazy. Don t criticize him; he is just what you would be under similar circumstances .

Coretta Scott King has said, Compassion, truth, and the courage to do what is right should be our own guideposts on this life long journey .Rightly justified by the above quote is City of Oakland Redevelopment Area Manager Al Auletta. Al Auletta and team strongly believes, The hard and unbending are broken by change; the supple and yielding make way and prevail .

I love to research about great personalities and learn about. I appreciate

Susan Auler


Al Auletta


Mark Aument

for their amazing contribution in their field.

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