The Howard Stern Podcast Problem

The Howard Stern Podcast Problem


Kim Petty

Because podcasting is such a new, exciting, cutting edge phenomena, many people are eager to get connected, and hence the Howard Stern podcast.

Everyone wants to be part of the next big thing, but not everyone is suited or ready to do so. The Howard Stern Podcast was created and shown on iTunes, the Apple company’s music store. However, the podcast was never updated, and the only clip ever provided didn’t even include Howard Stern. This has brought a lot of flack down on Howard Stern, as well as Sirius Radio, which

broadcasts Stern. Many of these people would have preferred to hear Stern when they wanted to, as a podcast, and were disappointed that the feed was not being used.

The Howard Stern podcast is probably an example of some of the problems that can arise with podcasting. Its new, and very hy ped, so everyone wants to be a part of it. However, the podcast is designed to be free. RSS feeds are designed to easily distribute files, that can then be redistributed and shared by the users who download them. It would be close to impossible for a

podcaster to charge for their content. Either the podcaster would have a small circle of people who enjoy the feed, and very few who would want to pay for it, or be very popular, as Stern is, and have the problem of paying customers possibly redistributing the content so others won’t need to pay.

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The Howard Stern Podcast Problem

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Advanced Real Estate Investing And Precisely How Not To Be A Status Quo Buyer

Advanced Real Estate Investing And Precisely How Not To Be A Status Quo Buyer


Clint Jefferson

Are you buying more or less attributes in your real estate investing this year? How about next year? Are you sitting on the sidelines, waiting for things to \”settle down\” or are you available finding bargains in the market?

A recent survey conducted by ORC International and launched together by my pals at Memphis Commit and Bigger Pockets showed that 65% of active investors intended to purchase as many or more residential qualities within the next 12 weeks. One of the seven million active investors in the usa, over half purchase five or more properties per year.

Some of you might have mentioned \”Five properties? That is all?\” Others might have stated, \”Whew! Five properties? That is pretty competitive.\” And neither reaction is wrong.

My first year in property, I purchased 6 houses. That\’s about average for an established investor. However for three years working (2009 — 2011) I bought more than 100 homes a year. To say this is attention-getting is an understatement. Here\’s what getting that many properties so quickly did for me personally as an buyer:


1. It proven me like an IMPORTANT player in my area. No one else in my region was doing the sheer amount of deals I had been. It also offered me a national existence. Not just a great deal of person traders acquire that aggressively.

2. It gave me immediate credibility. I used to be the guy doing offers and more significantly, the guy who got deals COMPLETED.

three. It assisted me create an extensive system of people who brought bargains to me. This really is huge. Traders invest lots of time merely finding deals. In just a really short period of time, I\’d real estate brokers, wholesalers and fowl dogs among the others bringing me deals.

4. It made me money. Tons of cash. My real estate company quickly reinforced and increased my lifestyle.

Am I saying you ought to go out and purchase 100 properties in a year? No, not necessarily. Everyone\’s route will be a bit different because everyone\’s situations, wants and aims are different. But within that framework, you don\’t need to be a standing quo buyer. You need to become a head. To carry out that, you have to understand what other traders, specially in your place, are doing.

A basic tenet of enterprise is to examine your competition. It\’s important to measure yourself against others in your business. Knowing what your competitors is performing shows you what YOU need to do in order to become the go-to guy (or girl) in your marketplace. As an example, when the bulk of traders in your area are buying six houses per year and you are getting 12, you have established yourself being a leader in your marketplace. If most of the investors in your area are purchasing a couple of properties annually, you will be the best choice with as few as five properties annually.

This isn\’t about ego; it is about creating your self in a leadership position. Allow everyone else be typical. You desire to be in front of them. In some markets, that is quite easy to complete. In others, you might not have the ability to take the lead but you may still put yourself in the top echelon of traders. I\’ve spoke with investors who only need to \”do a deal\” with a particular expert. They understand going because they are going to have the short end of the stay in the deal, but they simply want to say, \”Yeah, I did a deal with so and so.\” You desire to become that guy, the guy that individuals will give up a part of a deal to simply to say they have completed business with you. I\’m not stating you ought to take advantage of them. I\’m saying that you want to be the individual individuals are excited to complete deals with.

When you are arranging out your investment plan, keep in mind what your rivals is doing. You desire to be at least one degree above them. OK. Actually you need to depart them choking on your own dust. In lots of markets, it\’s really easy to take control the direction. Most traders just want to have a couple of properties and carry on about their company. That is fine. That works for them. I\’m asking you to think bigger.

The point is, anybody can be average. That is why it is called common. Just a little additional energy in your real-estate trading can set you at the top of the stack. Therefore do it now. Do not be a standing quo investor.

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Only Few Days Left For Nomination Of Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013 31st July 2013 Last Date For N

Only few days left for nomination of Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013 31st July 2013 last date for n



Only few days left for nomination of Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013

31st July 2013 last date for nomination

To be organized on 1st Ocober 2013, the senior citizens day

Senior citizens more than 60 years of age eligible

Hum Honge Kaamyab Ek Din is probably the single line, every senior citizen will be singing now a days, because only few days are left for Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013, and those who have filled in nomination forms must be waiting for 1st October 2013, when 19 winners will receive Indian Senior Citizen awards.

Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013 is a dream project of social organization, being responsible. Based at Indore, organization aims to serve society and exploring the talents of senior citizens of our country is their goal.


It is presumed that with growing age, a person becomes weak and cannot work, properly, but if we look around us only, we can find several old persons who despite growing age, are still fit and doing their work properly. Many of them, besides their own work are also extracting time for doing social services for betterment of society and humanity. Under the situation, if such stalwarts are given due recognition and honored for their contribution to society and country as a whole, we are sure, a new energy will generate therein and they will discharge their services, more effectively.

On the other hand, we see other kinds of elderly persons also who have surrendered themselves before present circumstances. Such persons include retired persons who expect the same treatment and respect from homes and society, they have been receiving before retirement, and if due to one or another reason their desires are not fulfilled, they take it seriousely and punish themselves by becoming victims of unwanted ailments.Such elderly persons require additional care and under the circumstances, some one is required to look at them so as to make them happy. being responsible, a social organization has been studying the feelings of elderly persons from inception and searching the right opportunity to explore talents of senior citizens.

With an intention to honor the elderly persons of the country, who have done extra ordinary work after 60 years of age, particularly for the benefit of society and humanity, being responsible is organizing an award competition titled Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013 to be held on 1st October, 2013, the senior citizens day.

The salient features of ISC 2013 are as under:

Any indian senior citizen above 60 years of age can participate in the competition

Participant will have to fill in nomination form and send the same to us before 31.07.2013

Total 19 winners will be selected by members of Jury

Each winner will receive cash prize, trophy, shawl-shreefal & certificate

Atul Malikram, President being responsible says We have taken all care to send our invitation to maximum senior citizens of the country, and have sent nomination forms to more than 50 cities till now. It is a matter of pleasure that senior citizens are taking interest in the event and started sending duly filled in nomination forms to us, which will be sent to jury members for identifying winners. This is the first stone of success and we are confident that senior citizens will make ISC 2013 a grand success by actively participating in a very healthy competetion. We are thankful to famous actresses Farida Jalal and Deepti Nawal, popular singer Anup Jalota, noted urdu poets Dr. Rahat Indori & Dr. Basheer Badra, Miss Iran,Melica Amina, Social worker Shabnam Hashmi for accepting our request to select winners of ISC 2013. Many more dignitaries are likely to be associated for a noble cause of honoring the real assets of society and universe as a whole.

I make an appeal to all senior citizens of our country to reach us through their talents and prove that , age does not come in the way of doing any thing and one can start a new inning after 60 years of age Atul added.

We are sure that senior citizens of the country will participate in Indian Senior Citizen Award 2013 with full enthusiasm and make the moment, memorable.

For further information, please contact:

Atul Malikram

+91 9755020247

For further information, please contact:Atul Malikram+91

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What Makes A Good Real Estate Agent

What Makes a Good Real Estate Agent


Martin Dolemo

Buying a home can be complicated. There are a lot of decisions to be made throughout the process. You have to figure out what you want in a house and then take the time to find a house that has all of that. Combined with all of the paperwork and legal obligations that come with buying a home, it can be a nightmare. Hiring a real estate agent will take a huge burden, not to mention a significant workload, off of you. How do you know that the real estate agent you hired is going to do everything in their power to help you? Well, let\’s find out:

Make sure he is a licensed and certified real estate agent – Buying real estate is a huge endeavor and investment on your part. There are a lot of moving parts in the real estate process and it\’s important that a real estate agent has the proper training to handle everything. Make sure that your real estate agent has completed this training by verifying that they have the proper licenses and certifications. Try to hire a REALTOR©, this signifies that he/she is a member of the National Association of Realtors. The NAR is an organization of real estate agents that has very high standards for membership.


Make sure your agent is tech-savvy – We are in the digital age, given that you\’re reading this articles, you know that. Just like so many other industries in the world today, if a real estate agent doesn\’t have a good understanding of how to utilize technology in the real estate process then he\’s not going to be as effective. Make sure the real estate agent you hire has technological knowledge and is going to use it to find you a home. There are simple ways to check this. Check their website, if they don\’t take technology and the Internet seriously, they will either have no website or at the very least a poorly managed website. Ask what resources he uses to find and list homes, this is a great way to find out exactly how tech-savvy they are.

Intimate knowledge of the area you would like to live – Make sure that your real estate agent is extremely familiar with the area that you would like to move to. The housing market can vary greatly between different areas. 15 miles can make a huge difference in the pricing and value of a home. It\’s important to make sure that your real estate agent is familiar with your prospective neighborhood in order to ensure that you\’re paying the right amount. Your agent can also steer you clear of things that might be undesirable.

Hire a full time agent – If you are buying a home, your agent needs to be available whenever you are. Part time agents simply cannot put the time in that is necessary to help you find a home.

Buying a home can be a tricky proposition so it\’s important to have someone working for you to get you exactly what you\’re looking for. More importantly, it\’s vital that you hire a good real estate agent. Hiring a bad real estate agent will be more of a hindrance than help, which is the exact opposite of what a real estate agent should be.

Martin Dolemo

is the owner of Saxony Real Estate. They specialize in La Quinta Real Estate as well as Palm Springs and surrounding areas. For more information, please visit

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Rental Property Owners Should Ask, “Why Shouldn’t I Manage My Own Property?

byAlma Abell

Managing a rental property is a full-time job on its own. This is why property owners face difficulties taking on this task alone. As they try to balance the management of the ownership with their job and family, it becomes overwhelming. It could also leave them liable for conditions, which aren’t addressed properly.

Managing Your Rental Property


Why Shouldn’t I Manage My Own Property? Unless you have experience managing resources, you aren’t familiar with the process. You may not have the experience in coordinating repair services and acquiring a contractor discounts. And, lastly, you may not be familiar with liabilities, risks, or how to protect yourself from possible litigation. This is why you should take advantage of the skills offered by a property management company

What Does Property Management Offer You?

First, they coordinate all repairs for tenants and to prepare the property for new tenants. They process rental applications and conduct background checks for you. If you prefer, they could perform credit checks to evaluate each tenant for you. This allows you to acquire high-quality tenants, who pay on time and don’t present a risk to you or your property.

They collect your rental payments from your tenants each month. They could deposit the money into your bank account, if you prefer. At any time that your tenants are late, they can calculate new charges and manage collection efforts. They are familiar with laws that apply to these processes and possess the resources to ensure you don’t incur a loss.

As a new vacancy becomes open, they place ads in the newspaper and online to inform potential tenants of your rental property. They take the residents for a tour of the property for you. Your property manager ensures the security of your rental property as well.

As you review the advantages of property management, you discover practical measures to help you generate high profits. A rental property is a significant investment. It requires a manager which can oversee it on a full-time basis. When you purchase a rental property, your first task is to answer the question, “Why Shouldn’t I Manage My Own Property?” If you wish to learn more about the advantages of property management, contact your preferred provider today.

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Qualified Domestic Relations Order Georgia

Qualified Domestic Relations Order Georgia



QDRO or Qualified Domestic Relations Order is a special court order settling the issues arising after married couples decide to divorce. The court order mentions the financial details relating to division of pension or retirement plans of those who have legally separated and possess a single pension plan. Apart from the pension plans qualified domestic relations Georgia also considers of taking care of child support through the assets dissolved from the retirement plans.

It is advised to hire a qdro consultant mainly because of intrinsic legal activities involved in a divorce case and also because it is a time of emotional turbulence for the client where he or she might not be in a state of mind to think about the details. Qdro form Georgia provides best consultancy services in a proper and systematic manner giving special personal attention to take care of the proceedings in the case after the qualified court order has come.

QDRO must include information like name and current mail address of both the participant and every other alternate payee, name of the original plan on which the order is given, the plan identification number, exact amount or percentage of the benefit to be paid to the alternate payee and time period including number of payments to which the order applies. The administrator of the plan is the person or entity actually mentioned in the original plan and has the power to determine whether order in actually qualified.


The qualified domestic relations order Georgia should be issued by a state court or an authorized agency who has been vested with the power to issue decrees under the state s domestic relations law. For the proper legal procedure to maintain tax deferred status of the original plan, the distribution must be transferred into a new qualified retirement plan to maintain its legal nature and ultimately prove beneficial to the receiver.

With precise laws and specially noted phrases in the law, qdro consultants who are experts in tackling such cases must be vested with the responsibility. The most important stage in QDRO proceedings is the final settlement stage when the Qdro form Georgia who are specialized consultants will keep in continuous correspondence and explain the proceedings in simplified language understood by the common man, the client.

Every legal proceedings and documents involve words and phrases used exclusively by the court, attorney etc. These words and phrases are complicated and need an expert to reveal the exact meaning of the court order.

The consultants take real care of the personal dimensions of the client and perform every legal procedure including paper works, preparation of financial settlement statements and advice the best options keeping in mind the future life the client is about to lead, once the divorce procedures comes to an end.

QDRONOW is experienced in preparing

qualified domestic relations order Georgia

Order s. We specialize in preparing,

qdro form Georgia

Nationwide, QDRO\’S, Military Retirement Divisions,401K Divorce Divisions and many other type of Retirement Divisions through the preparation of QDRO\’s or Domestic Relations Orders. For more information visit our website.

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