Fire destroys a Social Security building in Brasilia

Tuesday, December 27, 2005

Brasília, Brazil – An building of the Social Security Ministry (INSS) in Brasilia was struck by fire Tuesday morning.

Firemen report that the blaze was started by an electrical short-circuit.

The INSS building was old and contained a large collection of state documents.

At the time of the fire, the building was unoccupied except for security personnel. No one was injured during the blaze.

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Officials say co-pilot intentionally crashed Germanwings Airbus

Officials say co-pilot intentionally crashed Germanwings Airbus
May 11th, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Sunday, March 29, 2015

Officials said on Thursday, after analyzing data from the Germanwings Flight 9525 cockpit voice recorder, that the airbus crashed into the French Alps because its co-pilot deliberately crashed it.

On the cockpit voice recorder, the captain can be heard trying to get back into the cockpit. Transponder data indicates the autopilot was told to descend form 38,000 feet to 100 feet. The last part of the recording contains screaming during the sudden decent.

Investigators are still searching for the plane’s flight data recorder.

The co-pilot started training in 2008, and was diagnosed in 2009 with serious depression according to BBC News. Later he completed his training and passed all his tests to pilot, according to Lufthansa chief executive Carsten Spohr.

In light of this incident, several airlines announced a ban on leaving any one person alone in the cockpit.

The flight path and altitude chart can be seen in the images below.

  • 1
  • 2
  • 3

4U9525 flight path

Image: Andrew Heneen

4U9525 flight path

Image: Kopiersperre

Altitude Chart for Flight 4U9525 register D-AIPX

Image: Lämpel

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Internet Explorer 7 beta released to the public

Internet Explorer 7 beta released to the public
May 9th, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Tuesday, January 31, 2006

The long awaited Internet Explorer 7.0 beta preview was released to the public on January 31.

Large amounts of the architecture, including the security framework, have been completely overhauled. Partly as a result of these security enhancements, the browser will be a stand-alone application, rather than integrated with the Windows shell.

The final Beta 2 is scheduled by Microsoft to be released in April, with the full version scheduled for the Summer of 2006.

According to Microsoft’s announcement, the beta will only run on Windows XP Service Pack 2 systems, but the final release version is intended to be able to run on Windows Vista, Windows XP Professional x64 Edition, and Windows Server 2003 as well.

Version 7 includes a number of new features.

The current release is intended for compatibility testing by developers and IT professionals, and is not aimed at the general public.

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Medical Malpractice Lawyers You Never Know When You May Need One

May 8th, 2022 | Lawyers |

Medical Malpractice Lawyers – You Never Know When You May Need One


Tyson J Stevenson

Medical malpractice occurs when a health care provider who by an action or omission deviates from the accepted norms of practice in medicine leading to injury/ death to a patient.

Many deaths occur due to medical malpractice. A health care provider is not just the doctor or the surgeon but includes nurses, dentists, therapists, hospitals, clinics etc. Medical malpractice law is derived from the general negligence law.

Various laws have evolved in the US, England, Australia and other countries, which are similar in concept for control of medical malpractice.

Claims are made for negligence, misdiagnosis, improper medication etc. Claims can even be made where informed consent of the patient is taken. Claims can also be made against corporations, hospitals, clinics for the mistake of their employees based on vicarious liability. The patient has the right to claim economic and non-economic damages.

However in medical malpractice cases, the burden of proof lies with the plaintiff (patient). Hence the patient should hire a good lawyer. Three things have to be proved by the plaintiff:

YouTube Preview Image

The health care provider failed to provide adequate and reasonable care to the patient.

This failure to provide adequate care to the patient has resulted in damage or loss to the patient.

The health care provider is liable to pay the damages or loss.

The damages are of two types, compensatory and punitive.

Compensatory damages are of two types economic and non-economic damages.

Economic damages are monetary losses like, medical care, medicines and loss of wages.

These damages can be in the past or future. Non-economic damages are the ones like loss of organ or vision, pain, disfigurement, embarrassment emotional stress etc. Punitive damages are very rarely awarded.

Medical malpractice cases are complicated because when the patient is admitted he is already injured or ill and hence the damage caused by negligent medical care has to be assessed independently of the earlier illness or injury.

A further obstacle in medical malpractice case is that expert witness is to be provided by the plaintiff. Very few doctors are willing to testify against another doctor even when the case of negligent care is clear.

On the other hand the defendant lawyers have a pool of doctors to defend the case of negligent medical care. Usually medical malpractice attorney firms provide expert testimony on the care provided by the health care provider. Some medical malpractice lawyer firms provide free case evaluation and take medical malpractice cases on contingent basis that is until the firm wins the case for the client, the client need not pay for the services of the lawyers.

In medical malpractice cases it is vital to obtain the medical records as early as possible by the patient or his representative.

Most healthcare providers take medical malpractice insurance. There has been an ongoing debate by doctors and their medical malpractice insurance companies against excessive jury awards. Generally insurance companies rarely go to trial where large penalties are involved. However it must be remembered that the insurance companies and health care providers are willing to fight it out against spurious medical malpractice claims. The procedure for filing a medical malpractice claim varies from state to state.

Tyson J Stevenson creates useful articles & reviews on a wide variety of everyday subjects. Expect to see his name often. View further samples of his work at


or at

Best Medical Malpractice Lawyers

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UK clarifies foreign, domestic response to cost of living crisis">
UK clarifies foreign, domestic response to cost of living crisis

May 8th, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Monday, March 14, 2022

Wikinews received clarification earlier this month from the United Kingdom Department for Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) regarding the government’s response to the cost of living crisis following the Russian invasion of Ukraine.

The UK anticipated Russian action against Ukraine for several months, and has coordinated a response with NATO and the European Union. Many “swift retributive responses including an unprecedented package of sanctions” promised in January were imposed after the Russian invasion began in February.

They now include “financial, trade, aircraft, shipping and immigration sanctions” to urge Russia “to cease actions which destabilise Ukraine, or undermine or threaten the territorial integrity, sovereignty or independence of Ukraine.” Most recently, it includes a commitment made by Business Secretary Kwasi Kwarteng Tuesday to phase out Russian oil and natural gas in the UK by the end of the year.

The announcement came the same day United States President Joe Biden announced a ban on imports of Russian oil, coal and gas.

However, a UK government spokesperson told Wikinews: “We cannot have a cliff-edge where oil and gas are abandoned overnight. Turning off the taps would put energy security, British jobs and industries at risk and we would be even more dependent on foreign imports.”

The European Commission was more cautious, planning to cut Union dependence on Russian imports by two-thirds this year, before ceasing altogether “well before 2030”. But whereas Russia supplies 40% of the EU’s natural gas, much of the UK’s energy is produced domestically.

The spokesperson contrasted the British situation with that of the EU: “Our single largest source of gas is from the UK Continental Shelf and the vast majority of imports come from reliable suppliers such as Norway.

“There are no gas pipelines directly linking the UK with Russia. Imports from Russia made up less than 4% of total UK gas supply in 2021.

“Ministers and officials continue to engage constructively and regularly with energy intensive industries and our priority is to ensure costs are managed and supplies of energy are maintained.”

A government FAQ published February 25 adds the UK has three liquefied natural gas (LNG) terminals, while Germany has none. The fact sheet urged “European countries on the continent reduce their reliance on Russian gas both through alternative supplies, including the global [LNG] market”.

A press release from Tuesday specifically named Vladimir Putin, Russia’s president, and called the invasion “illegal”. The spokesperson said: “We continue to monitor the impacts that Putin’s unprovoked invasion of Ukraine is having on the cost of living in the UK, so we keep our approach under review.”

The release asserted Russian oil “is already being ostracised by the market”. And in any case: “In a competitive global market for oil and petroleum products, demand can be met by alternative suppliers. We will work closely with international partners to ensure alternative supplies of fuel products.”

But high inflation, already associated with the rising cost of petrol, has seen prices rise in all key areas. Before the Russian invasion, the Bank of England forecast inflation to rise to about 7% in spring, from 5.4% last year. And economists cited by The Guardian reportedly project inflation to rise to almost 8% next month.

Consultancy firm The Centre for Economics and Business Research more than halved its growth expectations for 2022 from 4.2% to 1.9% Tuesday. The Institute for Fiscal Studies (IFS) has said the £9 billion package by Chancellor of the Exchequer Rishi Sunak “would now offset only about one fifth of the rise in household energy bills.”

The government spokesperson said: “We recognise the concerns people have about the cost of living, which is why we have set out a generous package of support worth around £21bn including a £150 council tax rebate from April and a further £200 energy bill discount in October – cutting energy bills quickly for the majority of households.”

They added: “We are already providing support to families worth around £20 [billion] this financial year and next, including cutting the Universal Credit taper to make sure work pays, freezing alcohol and fuel duties to keep costs down, and providing £9.1bn to support 27 million households with their energy bills.”

As hinted, all measures were introduced prior to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, which began on February 24.

On February 3, it was announced those in England in Council Tax bands A-D would get £150 off their council tax payments. It was also announced there would be a £200 discount on all Britons’ energy bills in autumn. The £200 would be repaid automatically over the next five years, which Leader of the Opposition Sir Keir Starmer likened to a loan.

During Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs) Wednesday, he derided Sunak for proposing “a forced £200 loan for every household paid back in mandatory instalments”.

Prime Minister Boris Johnson defended the government for their £20 billion support package, calling the measures “unprecedented”. He added he plans to set “out an energy independence plan for this country in the course of the next few days to ensure that we undo some of the damage of previous decisions taken”.

Sunak announced changes to Universal Credit and the continued freeze of fuel levies during his autumn budget statement on October 27. The amount withheld workers making above the worker allowance threshold per pound was reduced from 63 pence to 55 pence. It follows the UK government’s cancellation of a Covid-19 uplift of £20 per week to Universal Credit in early October, which cut the income of six million claimants by £1040 per annum.

The fuel duty was frozen twelve years ago and has not been lifted since. It is estimated to save motorists £1900.

The statement also included a “radical simplification” of alcohol duties, reducing the taxable bands from fifteen to six and suspending a planned hike at a £3 billion loss to HM Treasury. This was encouraged by many organisations, including the British Beer and Pub Association.

Even so, the measures have been criticised as too meagre to address the reality of the situation. Ahead of Sunak’s spring statement slated for March 23, Conservative MPs have pressured the Chancellor to consider new measures. A source reportedly told The Guardian officials in HM Treasury are weighing options; publicly, they state “There’s only so much that can be done, and we’ve never seen oil prices where they are now.”

Analysts warned Britons from February 24 household gas and electricity bills could reach £3000 per year. The Office of Gas and Electricity Markets announced it would lift a cap on default energy tariffs by 54% to £1971 from April.

Though oil prices stabilised to below USD120 per barrel Wednesday, Brent Crude briefly reached a 2008 high of $147.50 per barrel and remain substantially higher from before the Russian invasion. To minimise the effect this will have on British consumers, Sir Keir pushed for nuclear power, renewable energy and home insulation at PMQs.

Johnson defended his record on renewables, calling the UK “the Saudi Arabia of wind power”. The UK spokesperson told Wikinews “It’s the right thing to do to move away from dependence on Russian oil and gas across Europe and this means looking at more nuclear and much more use of renewable energy.”

However: “Companies and skilled employees right across the UK’s gas sector are working to maximise production through this winter, helped by several small new wells and fields that have come online in recent months and edged production up.” The example Wikinews raised over the Abigail oil field in the North Sea, which was greenlit for development by an Israeli firm on February 2, was not addressed. At the time, the director of the Oil and Gas Authority told Sky News oil and gas will remain a source of British energy for decades.

The government spokesperson continued: “The issues we are facing are a result of high international gas prices rather than supply, and further UK oil and gas licensing is unlikely to have a major impact in the short term.”

The Labour Party has urged a windfall profits tax to be imposed on excess profits made by major fossil fuel companies, including BP and Shell plc. Both companies reported historic profits for 2021 in February. BP saw profits of $12.8 billion from -$5.7 billion in 2020, and Shell $19.3 billion from $4.85 billion in 2020.

After BP’s announcement, Shadow Chancellor of the Exchequer Rachel Reeves tweeted “The chancellor’s energy plans last week left families more worried than ever. It’s time for Labour’s plan for a one-off windfall tax on oil and gas producers to cut bills.” However, when pressed at PMQs, Johnson urged a “a sober, responsible approach.”. He said: “The net result of [a windfall tax] would be to see the oil companies put their prices up yet higher, and make it more difficult for them to [divest] from dependence on Russian oil and gas.”

The UK government spokesperson told Wikinews: “A windfall tax could deter £14 billion worth of opportunities awaiting investment, which would risk both security of our energy supply, as well as almost 200,000 jobs that rely on the industry.

“Oil and gas companies in the North Sea are already subject to a tax rate on their profits that is more than double those paid by other businesses. To date, the sector has contributed more than £375 billion in production taxes.

“We keep all taxes under review but we do not comment on speculation about tax changes.

“The UK Government places additional taxes on the extraction of oil and gas, with companies engaged in the production of oil and gas on the UK Continental Shelf subject to headline tax rates on their profits that are currently more than double those paid by other businesses. To date, the sector has paid more than £375 billion in production taxes.”

The government is also criticised for its plan to retrofit homes with poor insulation. In March last year, the government’s flagship green homes grant was scrapped, having only installed 5800 energy efficiency measures.

The government spokesperson responded: “We are investing almost £6.6 billion to support the installation of energy efficiency measures in low energy performance homes including older properties with low income home owners and tenants.

“The Heat and Buildings Strategy set out a comprehensive package of measures we are taking to kickstart the transition to low-carbon heat and build the market for heat pumps. This includes investment in a new £450 [million] Boiler Upgrade Scheme, the £950 [million] Home Upgrade Grant and the £60 [million] Heat Pump Ready research programme.”

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Gastric bypass surgery performed by remote control">
Gastric bypass surgery performed by remote control

May 8th, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Sunday, August 21, 2005

A robotic system at Stanford Medical Center was used to perform a laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery successfully with a theoretically similar rate of complications to that seen in standard operations. However, as there were only 10 people in the experimental group (and another 10 in the control group), this is not a statistically significant sample.

If this surgical procedure is as successful in large-scale studies, it may lead the way for the use of robotic surgery in even more delicate procedures, such as heart surgery. Note that this is not a fully automated system, as a human doctor controls the operation via remote control. Laparoscopic gastric bypass surgery is a treatment for obesity.

There were concerns that doctors, in the future, might only be trained in the remote control procedure. Ronald G. Latimer, M.D., of Santa Barbara, CA, warned “The fact that surgeons may have to open the patient or might actually need to revert to standard laparoscopic techniques demands that this basic training be a requirement before a robot is purchased. Robots do malfunction, so a backup system is imperative. We should not be seduced to buy this instrument to train surgeons if they are not able to do the primary operations themselves.”

There are precedents for just such a problem occurring. A previous “new technology”, the electrocardiogram (ECG), has lead to a lack of basic education on the older technology, the stethoscope. As a result, many heart conditions now go undiagnosed, especially in children and others who rarely undergo an ECG procedure.

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Israel rules victims of Jewish terrorist not entitled to lifelong support">
Israel rules victims of Jewish terrorist not entitled to lifelong support

May 7th, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Thursday, September 1, 2005

Israel‘s defence minister has ruled that the man who shot dead four Israeli Arabs is not a terrorist, because he is Jewish. The decision means that the families do not receive the compensation as family members of people classed as victims of terrorism. The laws governing compensation only recognise terrorism as being perpetrated by “organisations hostile to Israel”.

Ariel Sharon had previously described the act as “a despicable act by a bloodthirsty terrorist,” and The Jerusalem Post described the gunman as a “Jewish far-Right fanatic”.

The families will receive a lump sum instead of a lifelong payment. Arab Israeli leaders described the law as racist.

“The decision raises a strong scent of racism, which distinguishes between a Jewish terrorist and an Arab terrorist,” one member of parliament said.

The Anti-Defamation League, a US based organisation set up to combat anti-semitism, has also condemned the killing and described it as terrorism.

“We strongly condemn today’s terrorist attack by a Jewish gunman in Shiloh. The perpetrator is in police custody and we are confident he will be punished to the fullest extent of the law,” said Abraham H. Foxman, ADL National Director, in a statement released on the day of the attack.

Member of the Knesset Mohammad Barakeh, has demanded an amendment to the current law. He is asking that the law recognise as victims of terror anyone hurt by “hostile activities by a terror organization.” According to the Israeli newspaper Haaretz, the Prime Ministers Office has requested that the Attorney General review the issue.

The 19-year old Nathan Zaada shot the four Israeli Arabs in an industrial area of the town of Shfaram on August 4th. He was later killed by a mob.

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How To Enforce An Oral Real Estate Contract

May 7th, 2022 | Mortgage Broker |

By Bob Miles

The Statue of Frauds, enacted in similar form in every state, prohibits the enforcement of a sale of real estate supported only by an oral contract. Many people don’t realize that there are many transactions that can indeed be legally binding based on an oral contract, but the sale of real estate isn’t one of them.

Or is it?

If you screwed up on this one (didn’t sign a contract at all, or lost your only copy), a good lawyer might be able to help you get around the Statute of Frauds. The purpose of the Statute of Frauds is, as the name indicates, to prevent fraud. The idea is that since it’s unlikely that anyone would sell something as important as real estate without even bothering with a written contract, then an oral contract doesn’t provide enough evidence for the court to conclude that a sale was intended, no matter what the plaintiff might say. So if there is some other evidence that an actual agreement to sell real estate did exist, then you might be able to enforce the sale (known as ‘specific performance’) or collect damages (based on something called ‘estoppel’) for the failure of the sale. If one of the parties to the alleged real estate sales contract performed a sufficient part of the alleged terms, that might be enough to convince a court that there really was a contract and to enforce it.

YouTube Preview Image

Ah, but that word ‘sufficient’ is a tricky one – after all, how much is enough? Courts don’t always agree on this one, but some of the factors tat they will likely consider are payment of the purchase price, delivery of possession to the buyer, and any improvements made by the buyer to the property.

Keep in mind that if you can prove that you paid the seller of real estate $25,000 and the court decides that that’s not enough to establish the existence of a real estate sales contract, they’re not likely to just tell you to go away – assuming that the seller cannot establish that you gave him a large cash donation or that he gave you something in return for your money, you’ll likely get your money back. It’s just that they won’t force the seller to transfer the real estate to you (and you won’t be required to pay the remainder of the purchase price). As well, if the market value of the house is more than what you agreed to pay for it, they won’t make the seller pay the difference, as they likely would if they found that a real estate contract did indeed exist and decided to grant you damages instead of specific performance.

DISCLAIMER: The following is intended for reference only and not as legal advice.

About the Author: Real Estate Law in Plain English explains real estate law without the legalese.


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Federal judge rejects hate crime plea in Arbery killing">
Federal judge rejects hate crime plea in Arbery killing

May 5th, 2022 | Uncategorized |

Thursday, February 3, 2022

On Monday, Judge Lisa Godbey Wood of the U.S. District Court in Brunswick, Georgia rejected a guilty plea from Travis McMichael after McMichael offered in court to plead guilty to federal hate crimes in the death of Ahmaud Arbery.

It is highly unusual for a U.S. judge to reject a plea agreement, which would waive McMichael’s right to appeal.

McMichael said he was willing to plead guilty to attacking Arbery out of racial animosity, which would make Arbery’s murder a hate crime. In the proposed plea deal, he would have spent the first 30 years of his sentence in a federal prison. After that, he would move to a Georgia state prison for the rest of his life. Per this deal, even if his state charges were overturned, McMichael would still spend many years in prison.

In court, federal prosecutors urged Judge Wood to accept the plea deal, but Arbery’s family asked her not to. The dead man’s mother, Wanda Cooper-Jones, said that the men who killed her son did not deserve to choose their living conditions: “Granting these men their preferred choice of confinement would defeat me. It gives them one last chance to spit in my face.”

Prosecutors claimed they had talked with the victim’s family about the plea deal in advance, but lawyers for Cooper-Jones disagreed.

Judge Wood explained that Cooper-Jones’ statement was part of her decision, but her main reason was that she did not want to be held to the strict 30-year sentence agreed upon by prosecutors and McMichael’s lawyers.

Wood’s decision casts doubt on whether McMichael’s father, Gregory McMichael will also plead guilty as planned. Gregory McMichael also helped kill Arbery.

In February 2020, the McMichaels and a third man, William Bryan, chased Arbery, 25, in trucks as he jogged through their suburban Georgia neighborhood. Travis McMichael then fought with Arbery on foot and shot him to death. Bryan took cell phone video of the event, which later appeared on the Internet.

In November 2021, all three men were convicted of murder in Georgia’s Glynn County Superior Court. They were sentenced to life in prison, though only Bryan was granted the possibility of parole. The state of Georgia did not at that time have its own hate crime law, and prosecutors decided to charge the men on the federal level.

Jury selection for Travis McMichael’s federal hate crimes trial is scheduled to begin on Monday, February 7.

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What Are The Most Common Referencing Styles

May 1st, 2022 | Human Resources |

Using the words or ideas of others is crucial to academic writing. It demonstrates a real concern on your part with the quality of the evidence you have used throughout your essay and it helps substantiate your conclusion. Citing or referencing your sources properly also enables the reader to check that you have used your sources appropriately and that the arguments you are drawing from the works of others are sound, and that you are doing justice to the original author’s ideas and points of view. In addition, citing references helps anyone marking your work to see that you haven’t plagiarised or taken ideas or words from another author without making this clear.When it comes to referencing sources, there are three things that you have to provide:- Within the text you need to provide an extract from the source. This can either be a word for word quotation or a paraphrase of the information they have provided you with- Within the text, usually after the extract from the source, you need to provide some form of a marker which indicates that this information comes from another person – they aren’t your words or ideas- And finally, you need to provide details of the source. This usually appears as a footnote or as a list of references at the back of the essayThere are 4 common referencing styles:- The author/date style; most commonly known in the UK and Australia as the Harvard style of referencing. With this style, the marker you would provide within the text is the author’s name and then the date of the publication, i.e. Smith (1980) or (Smith, 1980)- The Superscript. With this style, the marker you would provide within the text is a raised number, e.g. You would then provide the details of the source in a footnote at the bottom of each page- Bracketed numbers; also known as the numbered-note style. With this style, the marker you would provide within the text is a number in brackets, i.e. (12). The first citation you provide would be numbered as (1), the second as (2), and so on and so forth. The details of each source would then be listed in a list of references at the end of the essay- Vancouver-numeric style. With this style, the marker you would provide within the text is the same as the bracketed number style, i.e. a number in brackets. However, unlike the bracketed number style, the same number may appear in the essay or dissertation more than once. As with the bracketed number style, you start with (1), then (2), and so on throughout the essay, BUT when you refer to a source that you have previously referred to, you insert its original number. So, if for example you refer to source number 5 seven times, the insert (5) would appear seven times in your essay or dissertation.Throughout the UK the Harvard style of referencing is most commonly adopted by Universities; however some Universities will let you choose your own style of referencing. It is always best to speak to each of your lecturers or teachers and ask them for clear rules of the referencing style they would like you to adopt.

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