Eyewitness account: from the streets of Bangkok

Thursday, September 21, 2006

A businessman currently representing his place of employment in Thailand has left the following eyewitness account for Wikinews:

“How safe are the streets of Bangkok? As a somewhat nervous US citizen holed up in a hotel room in this massive South Asian metropolis, I decided to venture forth and see for myself. For courage as much as anything, I walked with my close friend and business partner, who like me, hails from San Diego, California.
“I left my suite at the Royal River Hotel and walked down Soi Charansandwong, the narrow street that leads from the hotel to the busy road that crosses the city and shortly thereafter, the Chao Phraya River, known as the ‘River of Kings.’
“Thailand does, indeed, love their kings, or particularly, their current King. Evidence of this is clear: at least a third of the people walking on the streets wear the ‘King Shirt,’ a bright yellow shirt that bears the crest of the King.
“Even newsreaders on the local television news can sometimes be seen wearing the yellow shirt as a showing of support for the King.
“Leaving the alleyway, we walked to the busy Thonburi district. Immediately, I could see a group of soldiers, some standing, others sitting, along a sidewalk on the main street. They had set up a check point, but I saw but one vehicle stopped, a beat up truck that appeared to have come in from the countryside, loaded with fruit.
“We passed all the various businesses along the street as we walked, all open and apparently unaffected by the Coup.
“Walking slowly down to where the soldiers were and smiling at them as we walked, we approached the man who appeared to be the commanding officer. He smiled back and asked us where we were from. He was a bit business like at first, but this was a man who had a job to do, of course. What his overall job was, I am not sure. It appears that the military, for the most part, is present as a show of support and to act if any anti-Coup action should take place. Perhaps they are merely present to keep the peace.
“My friend noticed that the soldiers appeared to be uncomfortable in their uniforms, not the most comfortable clothing to wear in the hot and humid world that is Bangkok.
“Each soldier, unable to wear a yellow shirt and stay in uniform, instead bore a yellow ribbon of support for the King, usually tied to his rifle.
“Walking back to a small stand, we purchased twenty bottles of cold drinks and returned to the soldiers and handed them to the officer in charge. He smiled and accepted the offering and handed them out to his men.
“As we continued to walk down the sidewalk, three women came out of their shop, one wearing a yellow king shirt, and they thanked us for the gesture.
“The streets of Bangkok, otherwise, appeared completely normal in all respects. Street vendors hawked various items of food, car shops were installing high tech stereo systems and dogs, here and there, sat quietly in whatever shady spot they could find.
“We crossed the street and walked down an alleyway to the nearest Temple. Walking on the cool, green grounds of the Temple complex, the Coup felt like it was a million miles distant. Bowing and placing our palms together, we greeted a monk on the grounds who was trimming a hedge. Despite the Coup, Bangkok seemingly remains peaceful in all respects. We could smell the delightful scent of freshly cut grass.
“Earlier, I asked the doorman at the Royal River Hotel what he thought about the Coup. ‘We needed it, ” he smiled, “things were too corrupt. Don’t worry. It should all be over in three days or so.’
“Perhaps. But, certainly, I felt no danger on the street from the army or from anyone I encountered. Returning to Soi Charansandwong, I approached an ATM and withdrew a couple of hundred dollars worth of Baht, the currency of Thailand, with my US bank issued card.
“Money in hand, I entered a tailor shop and sat down with the shop manager, who was from India, and ordered a new suit to be made. As he measured me, I asked if business had been slowed due to the Coup. ‘No, not at all. I sold a suit today to another American, as a matter of fact.’ He promised me that my suit, which included two pairs of pants and two custom made dress shirts, would be ready early the next morning.
“We left the alleyway and once again walked down the busy road. The commanding officer gave us a very big smile this time as we passed him and several of the soldiers gave smaller, shy smiles as we passed. Encouraged, we once again popped into a small shop and bought additional soft drinks to hand out.”
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.
This article features first-hand journalism by Wikinews members. See the collaboration page for more details.

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How Root Canals In Alexandria Va Help To Save Infected Teeth

byAlma Abell

When a tooth becomes infected, severe pain may quickly follow. Infections cause a tooth to become very sensitive. You may experience throbbing pain whenever cold water touches it. If you are also bothered by hot liquids, the infection has most likely reached the nerve. Another sign of a tooth infection is a painful abscess. These are puss-filled pockets that can form on root of the tooth or on the gum tissue. Either way, you need to seek out dental treatment as soon as possible. Root Canals in Alexandria VA are commonly used to treat teeth that have become infected due to bacteria and decay.

YouTube Preview Image

Decay is the number one reason for dental fillings. When the decay is minor only a simple filling is needed. However, if the decay has reached the pulp chamber of the tooth, a root canal is in order. Once the nerve of the tooth has become infected, only a root canal can save the tooth from extraction. If you have been referred to a root canal specialist, it is because your dentist believes the nerve of your tooth is at risk. Don’t worry, however. Root Canals in Alexandria VA are a painless way to finally put an end to a severe toothache.

During a root canal, the dentist will use a drill to open the tooth. This is similar to treating a cavity, except the dentist will drill deeper. Once the dentist has opened up the pulp chamber, they will remove all of the infected tissue. The dying nerve will also be removed. Your dentist will then flush out the tooth, making sure any bacteria has been killed. Once the tooth is completely sterilized, the tooth will be sealed back up. A rubber compound will be used to fill up the now empty pulp chamber, and a strong filling material will be use to close the tooth. Your dentist will most likely suggest getting a porcelain crown to cover the tooth. Root canals make teeth weaker, and covering the tooth with a crown will prevent it from cracking in the future.

If you are suffering from a painful toothache, be sure to visit your dentist to find out if you need a root canal. You can click here to learn more about what to expect both during and after the procedure. Root canals are necessary if you want to save a tooth that has a deep infection.

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Wikinews’ overview of the year 2008

Wikinews’ overview of the year 2008
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Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Also try the 2008 World News Quiz of the year.

What would you tell your grandchildren about 2008 if they asked you about it in, let’s say, 20 years’ time? If the answer to a quiz question was 2008, what would the question be? The year that markets collapsed, or perhaps the year that Obama became US president? Or the year Heath Ledger died?

Let’s take a look at some of the important stories of 2008. Links to the original Wikinews articles are in all the titles.

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At least 50 killed in clashes in Guinea

At least 50 killed in clashes in Guinea
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Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Witnesses and medical officials say at least 50 people have been killed in Conakry, the capital of Guinea, in clashes between security forces and opposition activists who defied a government ban on protests.

Witnesses say Guinea’s security forces opened fire on demonstrators who had gathered in a large stadium to protest against the possible presidential candidacy of Captain Moussa Dadis Camara, the country’s military leader. They also say police charged protesters with batons, used tear gas, and detained several opposition leaders.

We have counted 52 bodies and six more have just come in.

“We have counted 52 bodies and six more have just come in,” the city’s university medical centre’s doctor said.

On Sunday, Captain Camara’s government said all protests would be prohibited until national independence celebrations are held on October 2.

“All demonstrations on national territory are prohibited until the national holiday on October 2,” said Frederic Kolie, the interior minister, in a televised address on Sunday.

However, opposition activists decided to proceed with the demonstration they had planned for Monday. Some carried signs that read “No to Dadis”, and others chanted “We want true democracy.” Some of the demonstrators set furniture on fire as they marched from the outskirts of the capital into the city.

“[…] Conakry can be rightly described as a police state […] All across town, military people at checkpoints are searching people and people have been forced back into their houses,” said Al Hassan Silah, a local journalist, to the Al Jazeera news agency.

Captain Camara took power in a coup last December, following the death of Guinea’s longtime President Lansana Conte.

When he took power, Captain Camara said no one in his ruling council would run for public office. However, the council has since said its members are eligible to be candidates, and Captain Camara has suggested he may run for president in elections, which are scheduled for January 2010.

The African Union said it may impose sanctions on Guinea if Captain Camara decides to run for president. It said it was concerned about what it called a “deteriorating situation” in the country and the consequences of not returning to constitutional order.

Opponents have also accused Mr Camara and his ruling council of human rights abuses and limiting freedom of speech.

Supporters of Guinea’s military council are calling the threatened sanctions unfair.

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Man disguised as Darth Vader robs bank">
Man disguised as Darth Vader robs bank

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Saturday, July 24, 2010

A man dressed as the Star Wars antagonist Darth Vader robbed a bank in Setauket, New York. The robber was dressed in a character themed mask and blue cape. Armed with a hand gun, the robber stole an undetermined amount of cash from the Chase bank branch.

The robber entered the bank saying that he was robbing it. Customers initially thought it was a joke and began laughing. Detective William Lamb of the Suffolk County Police Department said that one customer attempted to tackle the robber and was attacked. He can be seen in the background of surveillance photographs. The robber then approached a teller and demanded cash while brandishing a weapon.

This robbery is the latest in a string of odd bank robberies in the New York metropolitan area. Yesterday the New York Police Department arrested a man who robbed banks while carrying flowers and potted plants. Police are also looking for an apparent cross-dressing robber who held up a bank in Long Island.

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Why You Need Specialists For Flood Cleanup In Monterey, Ca

May 15th, 2019 | International Tax Specialists |

byAlma Abell

Your California home could be flooded because of plumbing problems, a fire, a storm, and many other reasons. Whatever the cause, the solution is the same – you need to call restoration experts like Property Restoration Services, who specialize in Flood Cleanup in Monterey CA. They provide emergency help, preventative services, restoration assistance, and much more.

Experts Respond Quickly to Protect You

The professionals who specialize in Flood Cleanup in Monterey CA know that excess water can hide potential hazards. As a result, they typically provide 24/7 emergency service. You can call them at any time and they will dispatch fully-equipped and trained technicians to your home. These professionals assess the situation and take steps to make sure you are kept safe from hidden wires, smoke, fumes, polluted water, and more. They also begin to act quickly to save your belongings.

Professionals Remove All Water

Restoration experts can assess the level of pollution in water. They have the equipment to safely and quickly remove any type of water. Technicians typically use truck-mounted equipment that can hold hundreds of gallons of water. Once standing water is gone, they have industrial fans that will dry your belongings. Some services offer pack-out services that include removing salvageable items, to keep them safe.

Technicians Prevent Mold Damage

Mold begins to grow within hours of a flood, and even a dripping pipe can eventually cause thousands of dollars in damage. As a result, water-damage experts inspect your home thoroughly after a flood, and locate signs of mold growth. They remove and fungi, treat surfaces, and take steps to prevent new mold problems. These can include cleaning your HVAC vents, to prevent spores from circulating and taking root in your home.

Specialists Restore Your Belongings

Water-damage professionals use teams to clean, deodorize, and clean your home. They assess damages, including structural problems. Professionals arrange repairs and often work with 3rd-party vendors who can save furnishings, carpets, art, and more. Most companies bill directly to your insurance.

It is critical to call restoration experts after you have a flood. They can keep you safe, quickly remove excess water, and begin restoring your property. These experts offer a complete service that includes restoring your home and belongings to a like-new condition.

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Outbreak of swine flu in Mexico kills at least twenty, infects 1,000">
Outbreak of swine flu in Mexico kills at least twenty, infects 1,000

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Friday, April 24, 2009

According to Mexican health officials, an epidemic of swine flu has killed at least 68 people and infected a further one thousand inside the country.

Mexican health minister José Ángel Córdova said that the casualty rate appeared to be slowing down, and that there would be no plans to block off Mexican borders. “We’re dealing with a new flu virus that constitutes a respiratory epidemic that so far is controllable,” Córdova stated. He said that the disease had mutated from pigs and was transferred to humans at some point.

Museums and schools for seven million students near Mexico’s capital were closed down in an effort to curb the epidemic, and the government has encouraged people with symptoms of the disease to take leave from work.

The outbreak has spread north to the United States, and US health authorities have reported that eight people were diagnosed with swine flu in Texas and California. However, these people have recovered.

“We are worried. We don’t know if this will lead to the next pandemic, but we will be monitoring it and taking it seriously,” said Dr. Richard Besser, the acting head of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). Dr. Besser suggested “containment is not very likely” in a telephone briefing on Friday.

Tests conducted by the World Health Organisation (WHO) found that the virus from a dozen patients was genetically similar to a new outbreak of swine flu, designated as H1N1.

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Neville Chamberlain’s War Diaries go on display">
Neville Chamberlain’s War Diaries go on display

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Tuesday, August 18, 2009


The personal diaries of British wartime Prime Minister Neville Chamberlain are to go on display at the Imperial War Museum in London.

Beginning on August 20, 2009, a free exhibition, marking the 70th anniversary of the declaration of WWII, will allow visitors to have an unprecedented insight into the mind of the Prime Minister at the helm of the government when war was declared on September 3, 1939. His entry for that day, a note scribbled in pencil reads simply: “War declared.” With the diaries, a letter to his sister detailing the preparations for war, and the declaration letter itself, written by Foreign Secretary Lord Halifax.

The centrepiece at the exhibition will be accompanied by King George IV‘s jacket worn on his television appearance, and other previously unseen memorabilia from the period in the immediate run up to the Second World War.

A book, entitled The World Goes To War, is to be published on August 27, 2009 to accompany the exhibition. Also, a television documentary will be broadcast on UK network ITV1.

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Rower Tuijn halfway across Pacific in record attempt">
Rower Tuijn halfway across Pacific in record attempt

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Monday, July 9, 2007

Dutch adventurer Ralph Tuijn has reached the halfway point of his attempt to be the first person to row across the Pacific Ocean unaided.

The 16,000 kilometre journey from the coast of Peru to the seaside city of Brisbane, Australia, the widest section of the Pacific, has never been crossed absolutely unaided by a rower, and Tuijn says just nine people have rowed it even with assistance.

Tuijn reached the central point of his crossing, an insignificant point of water in the ocean, 111 days after setting off from Peru in March. He has been making good progress, and has since cut his estimated time of arrival in Brisbane by a month.

The Dutchman, who now expects to reach his destination on October 20, has kept in touch with those tracking his movements through daily internet postings from his laptop computer, including his wife Winnie. His boat, the Zeeman Challenger, is a seven-metre custom plywood vessel.

Tuijn has overcome a variety of obstacles to reach the halfway point. He is suffering from the constant attention of sharks, who often bump his boat and disrupt his attempts at sleep. One particular shark, dubbed ‘Gomulka’ by Tuijn, has been trailing the adventurer’s boat for extended periods.

He has also accidentally burnt himself when he spilled hot water on his foot whilst trying to make coffee, apparently also from a shark ‘bump’. He is also forced to manually pump water for cooking and drinking after his automatic water pump broke down not long into his journey.

“Physically everything feels great and I can’t help feeling that I could do this for 500 days, but mentally it’s still hard to be on your own for such a long time”

His vessel has no motors or sails, but relies on his physical rowing power to move. The boat does have a solar power system to provide energy for his laptop, a telephone and a global positioning system.

Tujin, who is raising money for a children’s home in Mumbai, India, is rowing at an average speed of 58 kilometres each day. His diet consists of freeze-dried foods and fish, which are keeping him physically well-conditioned despite tiring mentally.

Tuijn is a serial adventurer and experienced rower. He has rowed across the Atlantic Ocean and the North Sea, as well as cycled across Russia and the icy terrain of Greenland.

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CanadaVOTES: Liberal Sandra Gardiner running in Perth—Wellington">
CanadaVOTES: Liberal Sandra Gardiner running in Perth—Wellington

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Friday, September 26, 2008

On October 14, 2008, Canadians will be heading to the polls for the federal election. Liberal Party candidate Sandra Gardiner is standing for election in the riding of Perth—Wellington. A Stratford resident for the last 17 years, she has worked as a Registered Nurse for the last 14, in hospital, long term, and community care settings. She is a member of Registered Nurses Association of Ontario, Canadian Association of Physicians concerned about the Environment, FarmGate5, Common Action for the Restoration of the Environment, Autism Ontario, the Planning Committee for Rotary Respite House, and board member of Optimism Place, the local women’s shelter.

Wikinews contacted Sandra, to talk about the issues facing Canadians, and what they and their party would do to address them. Wikinews is in the process of contacting every candidate, in every riding across the country, no matter their political stripe. All interviews are conducted over e-mail, and interviews are published unedited, allowing candidates to impart their full message to our readers, uninterrupted.

The riding is currently held by Conservative Gary Schellenberger, who was also MP for the previous riding, Perth—Middlesex. Perth—Wellington includes the County of Perth, and the Town of Minto and the townships of Mapleton and Wellington North in the County of Wellington. Also challenging Schellenberger are John Cowling (Green), Irma DeVries (Christian Heritage), Julian Ichim (Marxist-Leninist), and Kerry McManus (NDP).

For more information, visit the campaign’s official website, listed below.

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