The Family Law Tv Show: A Breakdown

The Family Law is a memorable TV series for its frank and comedic exploration of life within an Asian-Australian family. It’s a series that pulls at the heartstrings and splits your sides, all while gifting viewers a fresh, authentic lens on cultural diversity in Australia. This groundbreaking sitcom which aired from 2016 to 2019, was based on an autobiographical novel by Benjamin Law.

A Story Steeped in Reality

Hinging on his real-life experiences, Benjamin Law’s semi-autobiographical series – ‘The Family Law’ – brings a new flavour to the Australian television drama landscape. The show focuses on a heart-warming, chaotic, and rather hilarious journey of a Chinese-Australian family, the Laws.

The series typically revolves around 14-year-old Benjamin’s attempts to bring his family together in the aftermath of his parents’ divorce. This teenager’s struggle is portrayed along with all the odd, funny, and cringe-worthy situations he gets himself into while trying to keep his family from falling apart.

A Fresh Look at Cultural Diversity

The story of an Asian-Australian family navigating the contemporary Australian landscape was groundbreaking for its unique, honest portrayal of multiculturalism. Showcasing the quirks and eccentricities of cultural diversity was a distinctive aspect of this show that won it many accolades.

The show goes onto become not just about a Chinese-Australian family, but more about Australian society as a whole, demonstrating the country’s rich, diverse, and inclusive culture. Through well-written scripts and engaging storytelling, it epitomizes the multicultural direction in which Australian literature and media are moving.

Tackling Important Themes

The Family Law TV show also tackled important topics like divorce, gender identity and self-discovery, all through a lens that, while humorous and irreverent, also demonstrated empathy and understanding. It offered a genuine representation of the struggles, triumphs, and hilarity of daily family life, putting faces to a previously underrepresented demographic on television.

The Critical Reception

Thanks to its bold, realistic portrayal of the Asian-Australian experience, the juggling of cultural implications, and its unforgettable comic moments, The Family Law was a hit, both commercially and critically. It was widely applauded for its wit and the way it addressed key social issues. Several critics hailed it as a “forward step for Australian television.”

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Concluding Thoughts

‘The Family Law’ TV show has left an indelible mark on Australian television, something that is acknowledged by experts and viewers alike. Not only did it succeed in bringing diversity to Australian television, but it also highlighted realistic, relatable family dynamics. The show, with its striking characters and unforgettable comic moments, has won the hearts of its audience and continues to amuse, inspire, and educate.

It is a show that continues to galvanize discussions about diversity, representation and the importance of integrating different cultures into mainstream media while keeping the essence of the narrative uniquely Australian. Its successful run demonstrates the appetite for authentic, diverse stories, making it a landmark series in the annals of Australian television.

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Understanding Litigation Law With Emphasis On Building Defect Lawyers In Newcastle

Law is a complex domain, riddled with nuance and intricacies. One such field, often overshadowed by its popular counterparts like criminal or corporate law, is ‘Litigation Law‘. To put it simply, litigation law encompasses the rules and practices that are in place for resolving disputes in the court system. Lawyers who practice litigation represent plaintiffs and defendants in civil lawsuits. Litigation includes several activities before, during, and after a lawsuit to enforce a legal right. Let’s delve deeper into understanding this law vertical.

Litigation Law: Unraveling The Layers

Litigation begins when someone decides to formally enforce or defend their legal rights. The litigation process is typically quite complex and foreign to common citizens. It involves a series of steps that may lead to a court trial and finally a resolution of the matter. The proceedings are beamed on various laws and procedural rules, which makes it essential to have a learned litigation lawyer by your side.

From the very first investigation to pleadings, discovery, pre-trial, trial, settlement, and if necessary appeal, the layers to litigation law are manifold. Across these stages, a litigation lawyer has several responsibilities including investigating the case, drafting pleas, engaging in negotiation and discussion sessions to resolve the matter before trial, preparing for trial if negotiation fails, making persuasive arguments in the courtroom, and supporting the client for any post-trial situations.

Building Defect Lawyers Newcastle

If we talk about specialized branches of litigation law, building defect lawyers Newcastle merit dedicated mention. Dealing with building disputes, these are the professionals that have fortified their niche in the vast litigation law skyline. They service property owners, strata corporations, and commercial properties that are grappling with problems due to shoddy construction, design defects, structural issues, or deviations from the agreed plan.

The responsibilities of a building defect lawyer resemble those of any litigation lawyer, with the added specialization of understanding architectural and construction complexities. These lawyers utilize their multi-disciplinary knowledge to investigate the defect comprehensively, file the litigation, negotiate for compensation, and help the client navigate the entire legal process. Such defects, if not tackled efficiently, can lead to emotional distress and financial loss. This is why engaging with expert building defect lawyers, such as those in Newcastle, is a crucial step when dealing with such disputes.


Overall, litigation law plays an important and underestimated role in the legal field. It provides the very basis for citizens to assert and protect their rights, playing an essential role in maintaining societal balance. With particular respect to building disputes, this area of law ensures that developers and builders deliver what they promise, and the rights of property owners are duly secured. Lawyers specializing in building defects lend their expertise to aid those on the receiving end of construction issues, continuing to strengthen the power and purpose of litigation law.

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Key Roles And Importance Of A Family Attorney

A family attorney, also known as a family law lawyer, plays a crucial role in dealing with legal problems related to family issues. These professionals are qualified in a range of laws and can handle any circumstance that involves home and family matters.

From divorce to adoption, from guardianship to domestic disputes, the knowledge and expertise of a family attorney are critical in steering both the legal and emotional courses in these cases efficiently. Regardless of the issue’s nature, these attorneys use their skills to help the parties involved find an appropriate conclusion or resolution.

Roles of a Family Attorney

One crucial role of a family attorney is to present and explain legal options. They provide a clear comprehension of what steps should be taken according to the law. Besides, a family attorney also offers mediation rather than litigation in some situations. Mediation can often save substantial time, money, and emotional exhaustion.

A family attorney can also offer essential support to their clients in the middle of legal proceedings. Being involved in family disputes or going through a divorce can cause a lot of emotional stress. A family attorney provides not only legal advice but also mental support to their clients during this challenging time.

Significance of a Family Attorney

Family attorneys play a significant role in managing legal problems between members of a family. Their help is substantial in cases of divorce, where they handle matters like division of property, child custody, alimony and more.

Moreover, a family attorney is also involved in cases of paternity, child rights, adoption, child abduction, and cases related to domestic violence.

In matters that involve legal paperwork and formalities, such as estate planning, will, and testament drafting, or property disputes among family members, a family law attorney is indispensable. They ensure that all legal procedures are followed accurately, preventing disputes in the future.

Legal processes can be intricate and stressful, especially when they involve family matters. Engaging the services of a well-experienced family attorney provides you with the assurance that these issues will be handled with the utmost care, sensitivity, and professional competence.

Moreover, working with an expert family attorney can significantly minimize the potential for overlooking or misinterpreting vital aspects of family law due to emotional stress. An excellent family attorney ensures all the information is communicated effectively, so you clearly understand the legal procedures, potential outcomes, and your role in the proceedings.

Best Conveyancing Gosford

When considering property transfer or property-related issues in family law cases, hiring the best conveyancing Gosford services is undoubtedly a smart move. Conveyancing lawyers specialise in property law directives and can effectively manage the legal aspects of property transfer, ensuring a smooth property handover or property division process.

A conveyancing lawyer from Gosford can perform complex legal tasks such as drafting contracts, conducting title searches, registering property transfers, and much more. It is essential to hire a specialist when dealing with property matters in family law to avoid any potential pitfalls and complications.

Choosing an experienced conveyancing lawyer known for providing the best conveyancing Gosford services aid in easing your property-related legal procedures. They ensure a smooth and legal transition of property rights, allowing you peace of mind during often stressful times.


In conclusion, the role of a family attorney is multifaceted – they are advisers, mediators, counsellors, and advocates. They provide needed support, guidance, and expertise on family law matters, ensuring the clients receive the best possible service. When it comes to property matters in family law cases, getting the best conveyancing Gosford services is crucial, making the process significantly smoother and more manageable.

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There Is No Such Thing As ‘Self Made Man’.

By Joel Suarez

Somewhere on your road to success, youll begin to understand that you are really never alone.

There are amazing sources of strength and help everywhere you lookyou just have to use them. Youll have to look to find them and then know how to use them, but it beats the heck out of not having them at all!

A team is incredibly important as you walk along your path. You may reap the benefits of success in your world, but you dont get there alone. The fallacy of the self-made man is just thatbecause everyone is influenced directly and indirectly by scores of people. Lets look at a list of those involved:

– Parents:

If they were there to raise you, they had the greatest influence on your life. Feelings of love and security are established earlyas early as birth. Children who have parents who love, care for, and protect them gain enormously both psychologically and physiologically.


– Teachers:

Chances are there is a teacher who has made an impression on you that you remember to this day. Positive or negative, there are teachers in our lives who have the power to mold us and shape us.

Sometimes we choose paths in response to a negative example a teacher has left us; more often than not, we choose paths that are due to the positive influence theyve left in our lives.

– Friends:

The happiest and most successful people tend to have a wide range of friends from different walks of life. They encourage us, lift us up, and are part of an inextricable support system in our lives.

– Mentors:

Smart people who truly desire success find mentors that will walk with them as they traverse their road. Mentors can point out pitfalls and potholes in the road that we might otherwise miss, and their experience and willingness to teach us is an invaluable gift.

– Spiritual Leaders:

Ministers, priests, rabbis, pastors, etc., are in an amazing position to contribute positively and significantly in your life. Their ability to see past the circumstances and share life and light is unparalleled. Having a spiritual leader doesnt guarantee that youll never feel despair, but it does guarantee that you wont have to go through the dark times alone.

Just as you have a team as you work towards success, you can be a part of someone elses team as well. Be a friend to someone who is just starting out on the road to successencourage them, mentor them (if appropriate), and commit to be there for them when they need you.

Do the right thing (remember your integrity), and have compassion in all situations. Youll build your team and your success as you do these things!

About the Author: Joel Suarez is an established online marketer and publisher. His expertise field is in direct marketing and multi-level marketing. He specializes in developing new tips, tricks, ideas, and tools to help new and pro’s alike Internet marketers to start, develop, and establish their businesses online. –


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Intellectual Property Is A Useful Tool For Leather Enterprises To Enhance Competitiveness

By Lanbo Jiang

Intellectual property rights are the rights of his or her creative intellectual labor enjoyed exclusive rights, including patents, trademarks, copyrights and other rights. Intellectual property system gives innovators have the legal right to prevent others without the permission of the rights to use, making protection of rights of innovators, a system encouraging innovation. Intellectual property system has been implemented by countries in the world to protect innovation system.

Tool for Market Competition

Science and technology are primary productive forces, the world economy, every major development is the result of technological development to promote, whether national, or enterprise, the first to master the advanced technology, the first to innovation, who will take the forefront in the development. Intellectual property rights as the protection of intellectual innovation, has become an important means of competition in the market.

Intellectual property system gives technology innovators, brand owners in a certain period of time to enjoy the exclusive right to their intellectual products. This right can be called “legal monopoly, winner takes all.” To any other person to use their innovations, brands must be with the agreement and pay the appropriate fees.

Violation of this exclusive community will conduct a variety of legal measures of sanctions, which can effectively stop without innovators, brand owners permission to use innovation law, brand behavior, maintain innovators, brand owners stakeholders.

In order to capture the market, many international companies have increased in China’s patent portfolio. Foreign companies in China commonly used strategy is the first patent monopoly, then the standard monopoly, and then massive occupation of the Chinese market. “International brands in China, the number of patent applications based on the Chinese market, the standard supply and demand, market potential of Chinese enterprises in which large areas in which international brands will seek patent protection, so you can maximize the inhibition of the rise of domestic brands the speed. “State Intellectual Property Office Yang Tiejun, Deputy Secretary pointed out.


In recent years, becoming stronger as the awareness of independent innovation and related policies, have made the domestic trademark registration application, utility model patents, design patent applications leapt on board the world’s No. 1 position soon.

However, China’s patent system and intellectual property rights by law enforcement environment, companies will be more to create small applications for the invention and utility model patents, technological level and competitiveness with foreign companies, there is still a large gap.

At present China with independent intellectual property core technology for enterprises of only three ten thousandths, 99% of enterprises do not apply for a patent, 60% of companies do not own the trademarks; Many companies are in a “manufacturing” no “create”, the “property rights “no” knowledge “of the state, some companies even survival depend on imitation and counterfeiting. These are clear to the Chinese patent “Mishap”: quantity, poor quality, competitive patent worrying. The lack of independent core technology of many industrial status, as China’s industrial development and economic construction of the serious constraints.

The Basis of Corporate Brand

As we all know, our traditional manufacturing scale, “China” has long renowned overseas, but no doubt is a traditional manufacturing technology level is not high, lack of independent brands, hard to compete with international brand companies. In particular, a large number of processing enterprises, using relatively cheap labor in China for international brands OEM production, processing fees for modest, the lack of ability to resist risks, and, as China’s economic development, labor, rising income levels, many stickers card processing companies survive difficult to sustain. Faced strong pressure transformation and upgrading.

Leather industry as the traditional manufacturing industry is facing the same problem. Although China’s leather industry output, output ports of the world’s first, is real leather producing countries, but low value-added products, high-end market has long been monopolized by foreign brands.

Industry to sustainable and healthy development must change the mode of development, strengthen independent innovation and brand strategy to improve intellectual property rights. Brand strategy is on the trademarks, trade names (size), goodwill and other intangible assets of the investment, operation and to develop the economy, the development of industry, the development of enterprise management mechanism and competitive strategy.

Specifically, is the brand awareness, striving to well-known brand to brand promotion, and promote industrial development.

Trademark registration is the basis for the implementation of brand strategy. A good logo design does not mean that a good trademark. A good mark in the long-term use, the building has been carefully cultivate, promote, maintain and gradually formed, which are inseparable from the protection of the law. In most countries and regions in the world, the law prior to registration of trade marks are protected by the principle, the same mark, the first to apply for trademark registration to obtain trademark registration, the trademark belongs to whom, the law provided for its registered trademark legal protection.

Worth noting is that trademark protection is a regional, that in a country or region to obtain registration of the mark, only in the country or the region as a trademark protected by law, without obtaining trademark registration in other countries or regions still belongs to an unregistered trademark can not be registered trademarks of legal protection.

Some companies are accustomed to first hit the market, good market prospects see only after the registration of its trademark to apply, but to apply for trademark registration until their own often find their earlier mark has been registered by others, and caused very passive situation.

International Registration of Marks is the first step into the global market in international trade, in order to export their own brands, trademarks must be registered in the country, otherwise, can only OEM for others to do the wedding gown gives way wage, earned by only the low end of industry value chain.

China’s leather industry relies more recent years, more and more Chinese products into the international market, if the brand is registered by experience, would mean the loss of the country (region) of the market. Re-registered trademark, re-create a brand re-enter the country (region), will spend a great price.

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