Vk Edutech Control Panel Designing Course}

Submitted by: VK Edutech Pvt.Ltd.

VK Edutech is one of leading industrial technology Knowledge Centre, providing hands on practical training in Advanced Industrial Automation(PLC,SCADA HMI,DCS), Process Control Engineering, Electro Hydraulic & Pneumatic,Industrial Electrical and Electronics, AC DC Drives, Environment, Safety & Fire Engineering with high end Hardware, Software & Training Demo Models. The infrastructure setup with core strength of 30 Industrial Professional having more than 20 year experience in Project & Research, More than 20 Industrial PLC brands, More than 5000 PPTs, 15 Industrial Demo Setups and Two Training Institutes with well-equipped Training labs.

These training sessions are conducted periodically on continuous basis. Our professional are expert in delivering tailor made project and conduct training program for ITIs, Diploma,BE/ME and corporate these training module extremely popular among both professional and students for upgrading their knowledge and skills.

VK Edutech training programs provides excellent returns on investment , selling training to Technocrats or Management justifying the cost

VK Edutech is strive for 100% placement and its record moving towards goal to achieve it on continuous basis.

VKE committed for continuous improvement and adopt modern techniques to provide the best training professionals to Manufacturing Industries. The state of art in training with technology excellence to the participants will help good further growth.

Apart from technical training we provide training on personality development, interview preparations, mock interview sessions which will improve their skill set. Training of different PLC hardware and PLC software programming at single roof by Expert and experienced facultys with fully equipped PLC lab facilities, industrial exposure to each participants. Separate systems to every individuals very cost competitive and effective.

Key Features of Training

1.Training in accordance to industrial requirement and hands on experience with live industrial applications

2.Personalized practical facility and good practical exposure

3.Industrial visits for on site exposure

4.Expert Trainers from Industries

5.Best study material

6.Unique lab facilities with PLC SCADA based Kits


7.Placement assistance and guidance

8.Personality Development and Interview techniques

9.Accommodation Facility

10.Practical Exposure at VK Edutech is equivalent to Industry

11.Training comprises of 80% Practical and 20% theory with PPTS and Video animation


Electrical Control Panels Designing

Course Start: March 2016.

Course Duration: 21 Days (63 Hours).

Course Details:

1. Industrial Electrical Controls-design and installation:

a. Basics of Relays, Contactors, MCB, MCCB, ELCM, ACB, VCB etc.

. Working details of different types of electric motor.

c. Designing of Control circuits using Contactors, Relays, Timers etc.

d. DOL, STAR Delta starter Designing for 3 Phase motor with specification.

e. Motor Drivers-AC Drivers and DC Drivers.

f. Safety and Management concepts of Designing a project.

2. Control Panel Designing:

a. Different types of Panel & Accessories.

. Wiring details of Panel.

c. Specification and Physical dimension of components.

d. Earthing and cabling of Panels-Standard procedure.

e. Different types of Electrical Tools

f. Electrical Drawing Designing & Reading

g. Trouble shooting

h. Case Studies

3. PLCs & HMI in Electrical controls:

a. Need of PLC & HMI in electrical controls.

. Basics of PLC.

c. Basics of HMI.

d. Architecture – Modules.

e. Designing & Basic of HMI & PLC Compatible to Given Case study.

Venue: V K Edutech, 06, MPJ Chambers, Behind Bombay dyeing showroom, Wakdewadi, Shivajinagar, Pune.

Contacts: 020 26632925/710, 8237070150/153/8275067185


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How To Get The Best Electrical Supplies In Nyc

byAlma Abell

The demand for electrical hardware products is high especially in densely populated cities like New York. To meet the high demand, many people have set up hardware stores that offer the locals with the hardware products they need. This is a good thing but it also brings confusion especially when you want the best Electrical Supplies in NYC.


With so many stores to choose from, it is important to screen every store before deciding to deal with any. For starters, it is important to make a list of possible stores within your area. After doing this, you should look at the kind of electrical hardware items they have in their inventory. It is always advisable to buy from a store that has almost everything you need. This will help you avoid making several stops at different outlets looking for items that are not available in one store.

Depending on the volume of items you want to buy, you should consider the delivery services that a store can offer. Some products are bulky and when you place bulky orders, most reliable hardware stores will offer free delivery within a certain radius from their store. This is always an important incentive for many clients.

Other things that you may have to look at include the kind of workers at a hardware store. Sometimes the clients visiting hardware stores are not very conversant with what they want. Electrical Supplies in NYC vary and clients at times buy things on the advice of the dealers or technicians. For this reason, a reliable hardware store should also employ electrical technicians that can guide clients who may need technical help.

In some cases, the client may not even have an idea about the right product to buy for a certain task. With the best technicians working at a hardware store, such clients can always get the necessary advice. A number of stores also do electrical fittings and plumbing works. This only means you can get the items you need from such dealers as well as have them fitted. This is a good deal for many especially if they can also do repairs in the future. Clients at times look for customized products. A good store should be able to customize products for their clients.

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Sky Digital Box Installation

Submitted by: Janny Walter

A new Sky HD subscription is an exciting and fun addition to your home entertainment set up. You will have access to up to 44 crystal clear HD channels, immersing you in the action of all your favourite films and sports events.

Whether you re already a subscriber to the Sky digital box service, or you are yet to experience the quality and variety of programming that a Sky digi box will offer you, you are equally eligible for a free Sky HD box with installation. If you apply for a Sky plus HD box and subscribe to one or more of the exiting and varied Sky bundles, you ll receive your Sky plus box promptly, having it installed by qualified technicians in no time.

With Sky supertelly, you ll have the option of subscribing to up to 44 vivid and exciting high definition channels. Sky HD channels come in a range of genres from movies to sports, and entertainment too. You don t even need to buy Sky box cabling or remote accessories, they are all included with the free Sky HD box. So when you decide to order a Sky HD bundle, you will be safe in the knowledge that you are receiving the best possible digital TV service available.


What you ll need

All you will need to watch the HD services is a HD compatible television with a Sky HD box and a subscription to the Sky HD channels bundle. Once this is all set up, you simply turn the box onto one of the HD channels and soon you will be watching TV in full HD for the first time.

The HD broadcast is up to 5 times as detailed as a standard broadcast, and with its vivid and clear images, it will give the sensation that you are part of the action. With vibrant colours, amazing sound quality, and the ability to record remotely from your mobile or online, Sky HD will amaze you.

Recording from Sky

HD broadcasts can even be recorded, so you can watch the incredible HD action time and time again. However, HD broadcasts do take up more storage space than SD broadcasts, so make sure you keep an eye on your remaining space; the Sky HD box can store up to 60 hours of HD broadcasts, or 185 hours of SD broadcasts.

Even box office movies can be recorded and stored for up to seven days. However, once you start watching the movie, you ll have 24hours to complete watching it, watching it again as many times as you like, before it automatically deletes itself.

With the Sky HD pack, you can watch up to 44 crystal clear HD channels, which is more than any of the other UK providers. With an HD subscription, if you subscribe to a channel in SD, you ll receive that channel in HD format too. So if you subscribe to Sky sports 1, 2 and 3 in SD, you ll receive Sky sports HD 1, 2 and 3 too.

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The Tremendous Applications Of Fiber Optics

Submitted by: Colin Yao

The use of fiber optic systems is expanding at a amazing rate. Only in the past 10 years, fiber optic communications systems have replaced almost all coaxial and twisted pair cables especially in network backbones. This is especially true in any long distance communication links.

Why? This can be explained simply. Fiber optic cables are easier to install, are lighter than traditional copper cables, are much smaller than their electronic counterparts, and most importantly, they have much more bandwidth!

Because fiber optic cables are lighter, they are easier to pull through existing ducts and cable raceways. Other big advantages of fiber cables including their immunity to electromagnetic interference, longer repeater distances, lower power requirements, and higher flexibility.

All the above pros make fiber optic cables very attractive and most important of all, very cost effective.

The unstoppable trend for fiber optic applications are the move from the long haul (long distance) to our desk, our house, and our office. The terms include FTTC ( fiber to the curb), FTTD (fiber to the desk), FTTH (fiber to the home) and FTTB( fiber to the building).


Fiber optic cables enable our dream of integrating all our phone, Internet and TV services. Fiber’s wide bandwidth makes this possible. It provides more than enough capacity to meet all our voice, data and video requirements.

The transformation from copper to fiber is greatly accelerated by the invention of optical fiber amplifiers. Optical fiber amplifiers enable optical signal transmission over very long distances without the expensive process of conversion to electronic signals, electronic amplification and the conversion back to optical signal again as in traditional regenerators.

Today most of the network traffic switching are still performed by electronic switches such as those from Cisco. But tremendous interest and effort of using all-optical devices for all network switching are accumulating in the industry. The most important characteristic of all-optical switching lies in its almost unlimited transmission capacity.

However, it is still in the prototype stage for controlling light with light, so optical switch circuits are still controlled by electronic circuits at this moment. The switching matrix may be optical circuits but the control are still done by electronic circuits.

Optical fiber is almost the ideal medium for signal transmission available today and in the foreseeable future. The excellent characteristic of optical fiber is its immunity to electromagnetic interference. Optical circuits can be crossed in a common space without cross interference among them.

But there are problems which are impeding the speed of all-optical system development. The most obvious and basic reason is the compatibility requirements with legacy fiber optic systems.

Another big advantage of optical fiber lies in the ability to multiplex its capacity via WDM (wavelength division multiplexer). WDM modulates each of several data streams into a different part of the light spectrum. WDM is the optical equivalent of FDM (frequency division multiplexer). The use of WDM can increase the capacity of a single channel fiber optic communication system by hundreds of times.

In additional to communication systems, fiber optic technologies are also widely used in medicine, illumination, sensing, endoscopy, industry control and more.

About the Author: Colin Yao is an expert on fiber optic communication technologies and products. Learn more about

Corning cable


Corning fiber cable


Corning fiber optic cable



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The Particular Psychic Calendar Year Number Will Allow You To See In Advance The Theme

Submitted by: Wilson Comley

The particular psychic calendar year number will allow you to see in advance the theme for that yr. Is it a great year to get started on a fresh work, adjust your home, or start or conclude a partnership? The particular 12 months number is identified by adding the number of your month of one’s beginning, the time of day of one’s beginning, and the calendar 12 months. It is possible to use the present twelve months or any twelve months you’ll like to learn about. Use all four digits of your year 2012, not just 12. An illustration is Norma Jean’s birthday of June 1st. So with the 12 months ahead we really should add one(day) +6(month) +2+0+1+2=12. Then decrease with a single digit 1+two=several.

Norma Jean would have been expecting a twelve months vibrating with strength of a three.

Personal a long time repeat in nine-twelve months cycles. The start out of each new cycle is surely an possibility to start out fresh, with new likelihood to study about by yourself and also the planet. If you resist or refuse to discover you might generally find yourself in the identical situations, around and over until you do.

Some basic suggestions about what a particular year number could possibly provide available for you in any supplied twelve months are as follows:


The A single 12 months: The start out of a brand new routine of nine decades. Time to take action methods toward doing your desires come real. You’ll find new alternatives this calendar year to overcome obstacles and limitations of all types. New work opportunities and new associations could possibly start up now. Alternately, current employment or relationships may possibly turn into a lot more included or dedicated, probably delivers of promotion or marriage.

The Two Year: A season for placing vitality and focus into what was commenced previous yr. If last year was hard, filled with conflict, resistance, or opposition, then be ready for a lot more. This is always to power you develop and find out co-operation and sharing. As soon as you obtain inner balance and harmony then it is possible to entice the best associate for you.

The 3 12 months: Creativity and self-expression are highlighted this calendar year. New friendships and enterprise contacts are opening as much as you this twelve months. This 12 months might provide hidden fears in to the light, should you’ve worked out your fears presently then assume to shine in communal conditions. You ought to have numerous parties to appear forward to.

The Four Twelve months: Fours are practical, standard concerns like basic safety, reliability, a stable basis, employment, and work, business issues of all varieties. Should you think stuck as part of your job, this could be a fantastic calendar year to change it. Studying to harmony perform and personalized lifestyle, in particular emotional, is often a problem this yr.

The 5 Calendar year: Transform, growth, flexibility, and satisfaction. Finding out through all sorts of travel and exploring. All points new are desired this season. A shift to a whole new house, or city, new close friends and pursuits could possibly be in retailer. Restlessness, impulsiveness, and also a need to break with all the previous and knowledge the new are also part from the electricity of the season.

The 6 Calendar year: Support, sacrifice, duty to people, as well as a striving for harmony. Those who’re solitary will drive companionship and marriage. This is actually a yr to resolve difficulties in present-day relationships, possibly deepening the connection or ending it.

The Seven Calendar year: Philosophy, introspection, and meditation will likely be resources of concentrate. Some may well find this yr lonely, but solitude incorporates a objective in finding to learn yourself. A seven calendar year could mean separation. It is normally greater to create certain any new bonds formed this yr will stand the take a look at of time prior to receiving far too required.

The Eight Yr: Electrical power, leadership, enhance, advancement, interpersonal status, and executive skill are all search phrases in the eight yr. The lesson would be to find out to use your electrical power properly. This is a great yr to entice a accomplice or strengthen a current romantic relationship.

The Nine Year: The finish of your routine, it brings points to an end, while displaying promise for new beginnings. Nine many years can involve a range of functions, opportunities, and activities. Commonly not a superb year to put together married, or commence a brand new business enterprise, the energy would favor endings as an alternative. It truly is an excellent time for letting go of negative habits, damaging feelings, aged psychological wounds, and even dangerous beliefs. Now could be a good time to prepare for your new cycle about to begin.

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