A Look Into The Various Types Of Wall Hangings

A Look Into The Various Types Of Wall Hangings


Charli Jhonson

Wall hangings have been around since ancient times and have been a part of arts and crafts culture since at least the Middle Ages. Among the most popular original wall hangings in the world are the Bayeux tapestries, which contain a series of scenes portraying the events of England’s infamous battle with Norman invaders, called the Battle of Hastings; and the Acts of the Apostles tapestries that Raphael worked with in the sixteenth century, which brought tapestry weaving to a new level of intricacy, color, and attention to detail.

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Back during the Medieval and Renaissance eras, only high members of society were able to afford wall hangings. This was largely due to the fact that tapestries were hand woven at the time, and dyes were extracted from natural sources such as wood and fruit, meaning materials were scarce. This changed shortly after the introduction of the Jacquard loom, which sparked the implementation of weaving factories all across the European continent. While tapestries were still somewhat expensive, mass production allowed for more Europeans to own one. The fact that they were once so hard to come by contributes to their popularity today. Back then, wall hangings were generally large in size, especially those used in castles as they also insulated the walls. Most designs at the time were religious, mythological, or murals honouring the royalty for whom they are made and were often laced with fine silks, gold, and silver threads. Today, wall hangings literally come in all shapes and sizes and are made mainly with cotton and wool fibres. The range of designs is rather limitless, especially with the ability to easily import wall hangings from around the world. Considering the history behind wall hangings, it’s no wonder the range of themes is unending and ever expanding. No matter what your taste in art, you will find something you like in the form of a wall hanging as almost any and every type of image has or can be woven into a tapestry. Among the most popular kinds of wall hangings are reproductions of original tapestries and paintings from between the fourteenth and sixteenth centuries. If you prefer more modern art, you can purchase a wall hanging of a cityscape or even an abstract piece. Advanced computer technology even allows for most photographs to be made into an original wall hanging, transforming an average picture into a timeless piece of art. Silk screens are also now used in modern tapestry weaving, making it possible to add character to wall hangings such as antiquing. Wall hangings are the perfect addition to any wall, whether it’s in your living room, above the fire place, in the hallway, or right in the front foyer of your home. Choose a classic European design, a colourful Asian style, a fine Belgian piece, or use your personal photograph collection to create your very own work of wall art; either way, wall hangings have an uncontrollable tendency to be the most elegant and discussed item in any home.

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