Listening To Music Through I Pods Is Easier Than Ever

Listening To Music Through iPods Is Easier Than Ever



Whoever invented the iPod for apple must have made a lot of new friends! Now people can listen to music wherever they want without having to carry around awkward equipment and music on various recording formats. Throughout the years, boom boxes, ghetto blasters, tape players, tape cassettes, vinyl albums, eight track tapes and more stuff that was difficult to walk around with made many people uncomfortable for years. Now everything is so much easier!

By now most people know what an iPod is and what it does, but in case you\’re not familiar with one I will give it a simple explanation now. An iPod is a small user-friendly device that allows you to listen to mp3\’s that is not much smaller than a wokman ( a previously popular device for listening to music back when cds were used more often). An mp3 is a digital file that is used to capture audio. An mp3 can usually be shared between different computers and mobile devices that support the format. Ipods support the mp3s and are capable of storing several. Music can be downloaded directly to them from iTunes and a lot of free music downloads for iPods can be located at an online music store.

Never before has it been easier for music lovers to be able to carry their music and a listening device with them. Many listen to iPods through head phones or ear buds (small listening devices similar to head phones that go directly in to your ears, rather than on the outside of them). Music that you prefer not to store in you iPod can easily be saved and transported on a usb flashdrive, which depending on the amount of space, can support hundreds or thousands of songs.

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However, there is one downside to using mp3s and iPods being that the sound quality has advantages and disadvantages to vinyl and tape audio. While the sound of an mp3 makes for clearer, crisper sounding audio, it has stripped away some of what is heard through the other formats by compressing the audio into a small file. Compression takes the sound and reduces it in comparison to the sonic size of what it can be through another format. The arrangement of a piece of music and the nuances of the performances can often be heard more easily through vinyl or tape, but the sonic clarity of the music in general may not be as clear.

For most people, the information stated in the paragraph above is not important because they would not know the difference if they were to compare the different types of audio and it would not make a difference to them if the did notice it. Through all of the inventions that the modern age has brought us there is one fact that can not be disputed; listening to music is easier than it has ever been! Receiving

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