Kenmore And Sears Bbq Grills, Replacement Parts And Appliances

By Jason Broderick

To me it has seemed Sears is an integral parts of American history. The evolution of Sears from mail order catalogs to little rural outposts to mega-mall anchor stores grew and developed with the desire and the urbanization of American cities. Kenmore as a brand has always been a part of Sears retail stores and the history of Kenmore has matched the speed and technological innovation of urban growth. I have never thought of Kenmore as a great product but it has always been a useful product with up-to-date features and benefits at a low price. Making innovative technology available (whether in bbq grills, dish-washers, irons or clothes washers) at a realistic price has always been the superficial impression of both Sears and Kenmore for me.

In the world of home appliances, Kenmore has become one of America’s favorites. In fact, almost 33% of all American homes contain at least one Kenmore appliance! Since Kenmore’s first appliance emerged in 1927, the Sears brand has continually added to its lines of appliances, which today includes quality barbecue grills. After purchasing a Kenmore grill, you may need to buy replacement parts and Kenmore BBQ grill replacement parts are not always easy to find at the local Sears retailer.

Many of the commonly known branding that we have become familiar with over the years have become too big to remain manufacturers. The philosophical style, design and levels of quality are maintained while actual manufacturing gets sub-contracted out to smaller more able factories. This business model exists across product lines and it makes replacement parts difficult to find because the manufacturer is not always manufacturing the items needed to repair the grill, refrigerator, washing machine, etc.

For many barbecue enthusiasts, convenience is the most important feature when choosing a barbecue grill. If that describes your priorities, then consider a barbecue grill that’s constructed of stainless steel. While such Kenmore grills may have a higher price tag than the imported box store models (and replacement parts), they definitely provide some practical benefits. The stainless steel construction resists corrosion, staining, and rusting. You’ll probably want your barbecue grill to last for several years, and many people believe one way to achieve that goal is to buy a Kenmore grill that’s made of stainless steel. However, the brightly colored Kenmore grills also last because they are coated with porcelain and sealed. Not only is this material built-to-last, but it’s also easier to clean.


Side burners are effective when you need to do some secondary cooking aside from grilling. These burners can be located on the side or back section of the barbecue grill, they have the same function. Yes, if you choose Kenmore barbecue grills with burners, then you’ll potentially have extra spare parts to secure. On the other hand, the burners will add variety to your barbecue grill cooking, allowing you to do multiple types of cooking while using a single appliance. I find that many homeowners rarely use a side burner. However, here in Florida if a hurricane comes through a side burner is worth more than gold when the electric goes out.

One of the latest technologies for burners is the infrared sear zone. This technology provides an optimum amount of direct heat for searing steaks and locking-in moisture. Infrared burners are fairly new to barbecue grills, but they can definitely make cooking with your grill more effective.

An electric ignition is crucial if you want to limit the number of hassles that you encounter when firing up your barbecue grill. It can be somewhat embarrassing when you have guests and you’re unable to use your grill because it won’t start. While the parts needed for the electronic ignition are more complex than the standard variety, this feature is certainly worthwhile. With the touch of a button you can start grilling away!

Kenmore barbeque models have varying grill parts including different materials used for the cooking grates. Of all the grill parts cleaned and maintained the cooking grid gets the most attention. If your grill’s grid is porcelain coated, then you may need to replace it soon after buying the grill. As porcelain gets cleaned and scraped the coating will wear away and the steel within will begin to rust. Look for cooking grates that are sturdy, and resistant to rust and stains. Stainless steel grids are certainly the best ones that you can choose although many grillers choose cast iron for its heat conducting properties. Buying a barbecue grill with an inferior grid isn’t worth the money you’d save. After factoring in the hassles of cleaning or replacing the grid, you’ll realize that such grids simply aren’t worthwhile. No one likes the crunchy taste of rust.

“H” burners are the most common type found on Kenmore gas barbecue grills at Sears. As you might guess, they resemble the letter “H” (that’s lying on its side). The oval-shaped burner is another common type found on Kenmore’s grills. Meanwhile, more intricate shapes include “bar”, “figure 8” and “bowtie” burners. Another type of burner has an individual burner for individual controls on the grill. These are referred to as “tube”, “rail”, or “pipe” burners. These burners tend to be straight since they only heat a single section of the barbecue grill. Burners are generally stainless steel, aluminized steel or cast iron and have the same strengths and weaknesses of these materials on cooking grates. Keep the ports clean and they will provide an even heat.

The infrared burner is more intricate than one found on a traditional barbecue grill. Due to the more complex mechanisms, the cost of replacement parts will also be higher. But if you want your grill to heat hotter it’s a wise choice. When you need extremely hot temperatures, the infrared burners are your best bet. If you need a wider range of cooking temperatures, then a traditional burner would be ideal for you as a hybrid with a sear zone and a convectional barbeque area. Infrared burners pressurize the gas to pull more heat from the same gas consumption. It produces an ideal type of heat for cooking.

For over 80 years, Kenmore has been producing quality appliances, including barbecue grills. Remember that the Kenmore grill that you choose will impact which replacement parts you may need in the future.

About the Author: is a Florida based custom outdoor kitchen and custom fireplace company. We stock barbecues, built in bbq grills and provide gas bbq grill replacement service. Kenmore replacement burners, cooking grates and other repair parts are readily available.


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