Hartstone Dinnerware For Every Occasion

Hartstone Dinnerware for every occasion


Anna Cantos

din ner ware (din’er-w r’) n. plates, serving bowls, platters, and other tableware used in serving a meal; a set of dishes.

stone ware (ston’w r’) n. heavy, nonporous, non-translucent pottery, that is fired at a high temperature

stone ware din ner ware n. a set of dishes or plates, serving bowls, platters, and other tableware made of heavy, nonporous, non-translucent pottery, that is fired at a high temperature

Originating from the nineteenth century, dinnerware is a term that describes a set of dishes such as plates, bowls, platters and other tableware used to serve a meal. While the dictionary provides a very functional definition, dinnerware is actually more than just to serve meals. The lifestyle evolution has made dining today a far cry from yesteryears. The dinnerware set plays a role in a social context in that it reflects the style, taste and confidence of the host. An interesting pattern can start a conversation. A familiar pattern brings memories of childhood holidays spent with precious family and friends.

The Original Hartstone Pottery, Inc. endeavors to produce hand crafted, hand painted stoneware of the highest quality and value that will suit every home. The master craftsmanship that is too often lost in today’s fast paced world and economy is alive in this place continuously making Hartstone an unforgettable American treasure.


Creative dinner service

Create your own dinner service from a set of matching dishes or mix and match patterns that work well together and suit your style and preference. Nobody said everything has to be of the same pattern. Choose from among the different patterns: the Hartstone favorites, the Holiday patterns, the Checkmates (the black, blue and red patterns are perfect combinations!), children’s favorite characters or nature designs and you will surely never go wrong.

Hartstone Favorites

Lone stars and Texas shapes grace our Texas Proud dinnerware set from the Texas Dinnerware Collection featuring the state of Texas flag. Whether fixing fajitas or ribs or bbq or steaks, the Texas Proud Dinnerware set is perfect for you.

Posy is the original Hartstone pattern; delicate heart-shaped flowers decorate the pieces of the Posy Dinnerware collection.

Summer Garden Dinnerware Set. Bright, vivid oranges and yellows wrap their way around and about the flower petals of Summer Garden as whimsical dragonflies make their way through nature’s light.

Maple, oak and many other leaves drifting down from the trees signal the arrival of Fall. The Autumn Leaves dinnerware captures the beauty of fall foliage with browns, oranges, greens and reds.

Celebrate Christmas

One of the most collected and sought after holiday patterns, Gingerbread is sure to bring holiday cheer for years to come. Gingerbread dinnerware is decorated with Gingerbread boys and girls with holly leaves and evergreen pine leaves.

Let it snow, let it snow, let it snow! The Snow dinnerware highlights snowflakes falling in a blue winter sky.

The charm of lodge is captured in the High Country dinnerware. The colors of nature with evergreens, blue skys, warm browns and cool mountain streams are the palette used for High Country Dinnerware.

All dinnerware are handcrafted and hand painted in Ohio by Hartstone Pottery, a company that traces its roots back to the 1970s with a long history of pottery making and is well known to collectors of vintage American pottery and dinnerware. Hartstone stoneware is microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher safe. Lead and cadmium free dinnerware that is made in the USA! Hartstone products include baking stones, dinnerware and ornaments that are of the highest quality and value for use in the kitchen, tabletop, oven and as giftware accessories.

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Hartstone Pottery

is a great source of hand-made stoneware products such as dinnerware, bakeware and gift ornaments.

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